Reality TV: Who’s To Blame?

by on April 25, 2014


real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-blallywood.comThe epic fight on the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) reunion that aired Sunday has caused quite a stir. As anti-bullying, sisterhood, and positive image campaigns flood our media on a regular basis, it is surprising that most reality shows end like this. With cast members feeling the pressure to increase ratings and drama with shows like Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love and Hip Hop, and Basketball Wives – who’s to blame for the negative images gracing our television screens weekly?


  • The Main Character – for lack of a better name, this is the person that explodes in the incident and performs the incident. Was Porsha to blame for her actions against Kenya? Was Mimi Faust to blame for her sex tape? In every day life, most people believe we are all responsible for our own actions. Do we apply that same rule when so many other actions play a part and others are not making the call? Porsha’s choices were to sit there and take the verbal abuse or walk away which would have resulted in many contractual issues which would have been a bigger headache or maybe not.


  • The Bad Guy – Every issue has a beginning and an end and this person is usually where it starts. A lot can be said by the fact that none of the other RHOA cast members went to check on Kenya Moore after the altercation. No a bully never puts the gun to your head and makes you pull the trigger but the do push you to the breaking point making you feel as if there are no other options. Maybe Mimi felt the need to secure her spot on the show by doing something bigger than her cast mates have done. (The other girls have done their share of dirt.) It’s a competition to keep your spot with no rules which sometimes means you have to play dirty. While some find these “bad guy” actions less than favorable, it’s no doubt that Mimi (whose tape has made over $250,000 in sales so far) increased her star power and is at the top of the Love and Hip Hop charts.


  • The Producers – Props should not be allowed at reunion shows! The rules of reality tv are very vague but some things should not be allowed. There should be standards but then again why should it be? It’s clear that producers are seen as ruthless people who will do anything to catch your highest and lowest moments. How different would the RHOA reunion have played out if Andy Cohen stopped the show and told Kenya no more props, getting in people’s personal place, or mentioning Porsha’s marriage? What if the producers fined cast members for hitting below the belt, publishing explicit material, or provoking people to fight them?


There’s three sides to every story and three ways that you can point the blame. Who do you think is to blame?


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