March’s Eye Candy: What We’re Watching

by on March 5, 2014


We’re marching right along in 2014, but not without some quality content for our visual enjoyment. With cabin fever raging and the summer near, we need a few things to keep our attention. Whether we laugh, cry, or get inspired, we all need something to keep our minds off this brutal winter.

Here are some movies and television shows that we’re looking forward to in March:

It’s finally back! Our timelines are exploding with Gladiators and we love it! Thursday nights, turn to ABC, grab your popcorn and red wine, and enjoy this dramatic series. If you aren’t afraid to brave the weather, there are always quite a few Scandal parties around most towns. See what everyone is talking about and enjoy how this story unfolds. This season has been getting juicier by the second. Fireworks are not a rarity on this show. It’s a great start to the weekend.

Bring It
Are you from the Bring It On era? Then you’ll love this show. Even if you’re not, you’ll fall in love with these “Dancing Dolls” as they battle it out on the dance floor. The trailer will give you chills as the coach prays for the girls to have the baddest attitudes, highest kicks, and to show out when it’s time for them to compete. This show isn’t a typical “You Got Served” TV series but a look in to a girls (ages 10-18) pom squad. Take notes as these girls give us enough inspiration to bring out our alter egos this summer. Get inspired March 5th on Lifetime.

Basketball Wives LA/ Mary Mary
Why are these listed as one you ask? One represents the typical scripted reality show, (women meet, fight, take a big trip, big fight, end) and the other is more real reality television. Most will prefer one over the other. After a weird “middle of the season” ending from the Miami BBW, we are anxious to see what crazy Jackie and random Draya will do. The chaos on Basketball Wives makes you value true friendship just a little more. When you’re tired of the screaming ladies, switch to a quieter approach to reality. Follow Mary Mary, the inspirational singing sensations, as Tina deals with her husband’s infidelity and Erica pursues a solo singing career. Tune in on Monday nights on VH1 for Basketball Wives and flip to WeTV right after Scandal to catch Mary Mary.

The big screen will also have its share of great entertainment this month. Divergent is a book to film trilogy that follows in the footsteps of The Hunger Games. With Zoe Kravitz and Mekhi Phifer playing pretty important roles, this will be a great movie to follow. Set in Chicago, this movie looks at a world divided by war and the ways to fix it through honest, service, knowledge, and teamwork. You can view the movie starting on March 21st.

Single Mom’s Clubs
Tyler Perry’s best movies are ones that don’t feature him as a main character (such as The Family That Preys and Daddy’s Little Girls), so I’m confident this movie will be a winner. The movie follows four single moms that bond and shows tells the tale of the obstacles they face. As trendy we TV watchers can be, there will be real Single Mom clubs popping up all over before you know it. Showcasing stars like Nia Long, Terry Crews, Wendi McClendon-Covey, Cocoa Brown, and even Tyler Perry, this movie will attract a wide variety of movie goers and keep our mind off this historic winter. Single Moms Club arrives in theaters on March 14th.

Mark these on your calendar and March will go by faster than you think.

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