Why We Love the Sidechick Epidemic

by on February 19, 2014

why-we-love-the-sidechick-epidemic-sidney-sunshineTV viewers across the country have been love-struck by shows like Being Mary Jane and Scandal. We all tune in religiously every week and have named Mary Jane and Olivia Pope heroes. Although both characters may have serious flaws like being a sidechick, we can’t help to stay glued to their every move. We know being the side item on a man’s menu isn’t the most morally acceptable job, but can’t help but to watch it. Here are five reasons why we love the sidechick epidemic.

We love love.

We might not agree with the how or the when certain love stories began but we all love a good love story. From weddings to proposals and every moment in between, we are captivated by this time old practice. It warms our hearts and makes us smile.

It’s a reality that we all know.

We’d never admit to being a home wrecker (or even considering it for a few months) but that doesn’t mean it’s not something that we’ve never heard of.  Sidechicks are our friends, cousins, and associates. Many of us know it happens and these shows finally give us a close up view to how it really happens.

They show us a strong and powerful woman.

Too long have women played the soft, defenseless damsel in distress and it was getting boring. Women wanted to see someone more like them. Olivia Pope and Mary Jane have successful careers, break all the rules, and are independent. We like seeing women win. Yes, these characters might get knocked down a few times but they come back clawing their way back to the top.

We can be proud.

This goes hand in hand with the strong and powerful reason but it’s important enough to get its own explanation. Everything about Scandal and Being Mary Jane is classy and of good quality. We don’t have to secretly watch these shows, afraid to admit we indulge in them weekly. Olivia Pope has multiple men that desire her for more than a play thing. She’s a strong, confident entrepreneur with amazing fashion sense. Mary Jane hosts her own major TV show and helps her family. These are women that other women want to be and that men want to be with. It also helps that the actress Gabrielle Union and Kerry Washington our fabulous in reality.

They’re controversial and trendy.

The sidechick epidemic is talked about on every social media and in all of our circles daily. This epidemic gives us TV viewers a chance to hold conversations, make jokes, and connect with millions. So many opinions and ideas, that it entertains us for hours on end. It’s something about the way it unifies us (even if it’s only for 60 minutes) that makes is special and beautiful.


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  • Gypsy

    What I like about Scandal/Olivia Pope is how “ride-or-die” she is for the boy (who happens to be POTUS), and he is the same for her, so viewers tune in to see them fight for their love.
    Olivia is a shark to everybody else, a strong independent powerful and smart woman but when it comes to Fitz, she gets weak-kneed, – Because they are each other soul mates.
    Shonda Rhimes is a genius at dialogue and portrayal of real life drama on the small screen, she proved it with Greys and Scandal and now she’s going to prove it again with “How to get away with murder”, it all about the dialogue and the delivery by the actors.

    Kerry Washington is a beautiful woman with perfect diction who is able to deliver a dramatic rendition while still looking cute and you can easily believe that these men would find her alluring.

    • Anya @ Blallywood

      Yeah agreed, Shonda is all about the lines and delivery.