Morris Chestnut Cast As Regular In Upcoming TNT Show “Legends”

by on November 17, 2013

black-actors-morris-chestnutt-tnt-seriesActor Morris Chestnut has been announced as a regular character in the upcoming 2014 TNT series Legends. The show is produced by the Emmy winning producers of Showtime’s Homeland. Its plot focuses on an FBI co-operative agent whose own identity comes into question following a mysterious tip from a stranger. The show stars Sean Bean (Game of Thrones, The Fellowship of The Ring).

Hollywood Reporter has provided the following in-depth description of the character Chestnut plays. it describes his character Cimarro: as:

An extremely smart guy with an even smarter mouth who’s charming, athletic and has a natural born talent for assuming “legends.” Cimarro has a rivalry with his older and more-experienced colleague, Martin, but the latter is in a league of his own when it comes to undercover work — something Tony is loathe to admit to himself or others. The character is an ambitious workaholic, a trait he inherited from his Dominican parents, who thrives on putting his skills to use in high-priority and high-risk cases involving national security at the FBI’s Department of Covert Operations.

The cast and producers are already making this show look like a win for TNT. Seeing Morris Chestnut on screen as an FBI agent offers a small amount of consolation for fans of Blair Underwood’s cancelled Ironside. The downside is that Chestnut is not the star of the show in this case. At least he will be free to do movies if he wishes.

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