Scandal Recap 3×03

by on October 22, 2013

Olivia, why is it that you get to have fun with all the sexy guys? Well, I don’t think Olivia would call her life fun. Liv has to take care of a disoriented Jake Ballard, represent a suicidal mother, and worry about a newly damaged Huck all in the same day. Yeah, I don’t think that sounds like fun. Sorry Liv!

Olivia seemed to be a scared little girl as she sat in a corner, watching Jake sleep. She received a call from Fitz as she frantically answered the phone. Fitz wanted to talk about Jake but Liv hung up. She called Huck next, begging to talk to him but he said that he needed time.

Liv walks into the office to find that her gladiators had taken on a client without her knowledge. They had also volunteered Liv’s services. When she walked into the office, she was immediately introduced to her knew client that she was unaware of.

Cyrus is working with Fitz and Mellie as they are preparing for an interview. This time, they will include baby Charlie. As usual, Cyrus is worried about their performance on camera and whether or not they will be believable. Fitz does not want to do the interview if it means actually spending time with his wife. Mellie is looking forward to the interview because she wants the world to believe that her husband really loves her.

The gladiators’ look into the new client’s background and they uncover shocking news. Her son was shot and killed by the FBI and she may be on a vendetta to seek justice for her son. She had cleared her bank account and given the check to Pope and Associates to represent her. Liv knew something was off. She asked about her whereabouts and learned that she was headed to the White House.

Liv rushes to the White House to see the secret service charging toward an intruder who was trying to bust into the President’s office. Fitz has been informed of the intruder and is happy to leave Mellie and handle Presidential business.

Liv walks into an office and see’s that the employee’s have vanished. She walks through another door and there is her client, Mary Lawrence, with a bomb strapped to her chest. Liv keeps it together as she uses her great compromising skills and gets Mary to listen to her.

Secret Service has been informed of Mary and immediately informs Fitz. He calls in back-up as the FBI had their team set up within minutes. Liv goes to work as she negotiates for Mary when the FBI calls to the office. In order for Mary to get her son’s file unclassified, she had to give something up. Liv convinces her to let the hostages go. She does as six hostages are free. Reporters are lined up along the White House grounds as they cover the story of Mary and her bomb.

Olivia calls her gladiators as she puts them all to work. The FBI was not working fast enough and her life was in jeopardy. Harrison goes to seek information from the head of the FBI team who’s working toward taking Mary out. Abby goes to see David and hopefully have him get information on who classified the file. Quinn is to hack into the FBI system and obtain the file. One small problem! Quinn has no clue how to hack into the FBI.

Mary grew tired of waiting with no answers. She decides to end it all. Fitz has given the go the snipers who had a clear shot to take Mary out. Harrison calls Liv and tells her that Fitz is running the operation to take Mary down. Liv see’s that Mary is standing in front of the window and instantly moves her out the way and takes her place. She knew that Fitz would see her and he did. He informed all of his men to stand down as he saw his love in possible danger.

Huck has taken a personal day off as he still is not ready to face Olivia. Instead, he has been following her Father, Eli. Huck had a chance to take him out but failed as Eli received a sudden call, changing his plans. Huck then follows Eli to a trailer in the middle of nowhere. Eli Pope had hired the White House intruder to do his dirty work. Huck tried to take him out again but realized that Eli still had control over him as he went in and killed the intruder.

Harrison receives disturbing news from a CIA source that proves the Mary’s son Chris, was indeed a terrorist. He calls Liv and informs her but she is not sure if that was the truth of the matter. Mary knew in her heart that her son was murdered by the FBI but no one was listening or wanted to listen to her. That’s when she decided to take matters into her own hands. Abby comes through as she learns that Harrison’s source was a fraud. There was more to the story.

David Rosen makes a visit to Cyrus, subconsciously on behalf of Olivia. He demands that Cyrus gives him the file on Chris Lawrence. Cyrus insults him but Rosen throws out a name that catches Cyrus off guard. Rosen throws out more names in which they all had something in common that traced back to Cyrus. Cyrus gave in to Rosen’s demands.

Liv gets a call from Fitz who tells her classified information about Chris Lawrence. He was actually part of the CIA who was trying to infiltrate upon Al-Qaedan terrorist by posing as one of them. He was killed by the FBI because they were unaware of his true loyalties. Fitz begs Olivia to not tell Mary the truth because she would be putting other operatives’ lives in danger. Liv tells Mary a lie as she decides to take Fitz’ side. Mary is devastated to learn that her son was a terrorist.

Liv is taken out of office by a SWAT team as Mary blows herself to pieces. The place is damaged as Liv wakes up from the after effects of the bomb. She is taken outside to an ambulance where Quinn meets her. Quinn informs Liv that Huck has been following her Dad’s every move. Liv knew what he was up to.

Mellie, the first lady, is drunk. She was celebrating that Liv was still alive. That meant that she would still be able to use her as a weapon because that was Fitz’ biggest flaw.

Liv goes back to the office and finds Huck. Huck releases his feelings as he throws his heart into Liv’s hands. Liv demanded to know if he killed her Father. NO! Huck cried as he told Liv that Eli still controlled him after all those years. He couldn’t break free of him. Eli owned him. Huck was no longer Huck. He was a boy that needed to be held as he so desperately wanted to gravitate towards freedom. Liv held him as he poured his heart out.

Back at home, Liv demanded answers from Jake. She wanted to know how he got out. She knew her Father just didn’t let people out of the hole and she wanted to know how he got out. The phones in her house were ringing off the hook but she refused to answer them. Jake told Liv that he honestly didn’t know why they let him out. He told Liv that her face saved him as he pictured her every day that he was in the hole. Liv tells Jake that her Father owns them all and he is using them against her.

Somebody please buy Liv some more red wine. She is going to need more than a bottle after that.

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