Check Out Chiwetel Ejiofor In A Season In The Congo, Coming To The Big Screen

by on October 1, 2013

chiwetelejioforaseasoninthecongomovieChiwetel Ejiofor, who is arguably having his breakout year in 2013, has been taking time away from film to perform on stage in the theater. Hes just finished a run in a biographical role as Patrice Lumumba, the elected prime minister of Congo back in 1960, who was shot dead. The biographical tale is the heart of the play A Season In The Congo by Aimé Césaire. The play is coming to theaters – digital ones.

This role definitely suits the actor who doesn’t choose roles lightly. Ejiofor has appeared, or will appear, as a slave twice this year in Savannah and the soon to be released 12 Years as a Slave. In Half a Yellow Sun, another 2013 film, he plays a 60’s era African revolutionary, this  during the Nigerian-Biafran War .

An excerpt of a glowing review of the Ejiofor’s performance posted on The Guardian speaks volume’s about the actors outstanding performance abilities:

The role of Lumumba requires a combination of seemingly irreconcilable characteristics: easy amiability with explosive oratorical power; canny political acumen with poetic vision. It demands a hero of classic stature in a 20th-century reality, able to convince as a man and to embody the idea of a nation. Someone who can convey a dream that, while it represents one particular time and place, speaks for all times and places where people suffer the injustice of oppression. This part demands greatness. Chiwetel Ejiofordelivers it.

That review should give you some idea of how well this guy can act if you haven’t seen him in any films before. Watch a trailer for the stage adaptation of A Season In The Congo below.

Any thoughts on Ejiofor?

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