Baggage Claim Opens To A Decent $9 Million

by on October 1, 2013

blackfilms-baggageclaim-boxoffice-howmuchmoney-www.blallywood.comBaggage Claim had a very solid opening at the box office its first weekend in theaters. Sure its not a run away hit, but at $9.03 million (Box Office Mojo) its already made back its production budget of $8.5 million (Wikipedia). The film opened in 4th place underneath Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2, Prisoners, and Rush respectively. The difference between Baggage Claim and these films is that these other films are all still millions of dollars away from making back their production budgets.

Hollywood is focused on generating a high return from films with high production costs. But these  films can leave studios tens of millions of dollars in the red if they flop. Black films with low budgets that are focused on solid casting, and targeted at hungry audiences, are easily doubling and tripling their profits within a few weeks. In short, Black films have become cash cows.

A studio has to do little more than throw a handful of the good looking Black actors in a motion picture, release it in theaters nationwide, and watch audiences starved for Black entertainment flock to theaters – even if the film is mediocre. Fortunately I believe studios do their best to give us the best quality of films they possibly can on their budgets.

A lot of hype surrounded Baggage Claim the week of its release, but the buzz seemed to have died. Have you seen the film? Did you think it was good enough to recommend to friends?


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