Scandal Season 2 FULL Bloopers, Deleted Scenes Now Online – Watch!

by on September 19, 2013

fullscandalblooperreelA few weeks back, in announcing the DVD release of season 2 of Scandal, we posted a snippet from the blooper reel included in the boxed set. Now the full 4 plus minutes have been posted online along with several extended scenes. Apparently the cast likes to indulge in dancing and drop F-bomb in between bad takes.

Enjoy some of the clips below then post who you think  is the biggest goofball on set is in the comments!

The full blooper reel:

Deleted kiss scene:

Extended scene with Scott Foley and Tony Goldwin

There are more clips available, and you can either purchase the DVD set, or search the scatterings on YouTube to watch them. While the show is available streaming on Netflix, having a DVD copy is a good back up strategy for cases of the aggravating internet outage.


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