Michonne Featured In New Walking Dead Clip

by on September 1, 2013

vA new clip for the upcoming 4th season of AMC’s The Walking Dead has been released. The clip features Michonne (Danai Gurira), the katana sword wielding Black woman of few words.

The fact that Michonne is the focus of this clip is a big indicator that the show is moving in a positive direction for its fans of color. The only other footage released for the upcoming season at this point was a 4 minute season 4 trailer which showed a lot of involvement from the new Black characters.

The fact that the network could have released a new clip with any of the show’s White characters, but chose instead to feature Michonne, indicates that they are confident in her appeal.  The typical argument against featuring minority men and women on screen is that they don’t have enough broad appeal. Apparently Michonne has a big enough draw to get fans excited for the upcoming season.

You will have to suffer through a plug for the newest AMC Drama Low Winter Sun to see the clip. Or, fast forward to 40 seconds to see The Walking Dead clip.

The footage that has been released for season 4 has really not focused much on the original cast members from season 1.  Some of the flavorful characters have been killed off, others have stopped developing and become dull, and some have had so much screentime that audiences are craving something new. Do you think Michonne could be the solution seeing as she’s not yet fully developed or become dull?

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