Lebron James Developing Comedy TV Show For Starz Network

by on September 4, 2013

lebronjamestvshowNBA championship winner Lebron James is developing a half hour comedy television series with the Starz television network s. The show is based on part of Lebron’s “rags to riches” experience. The show surrounds two main characters ,cousins, who grew up in a tough Philadelphia neighborhood. The cousins become rich and deal with the unexpected whirlwind of fame and fortune.

An excerpt of the press release which describes the show was posted on the Hollywood Reporter. Read the description of the show giving in the Starz press release:

Through a combination of God-given talent and north Philly grit, lead characters Cam Calloway and Reggie Vaughn have achieved fame and fortune that neither could have imagined growing up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Philadelphia. But success comes with its own challenges, and the cousins and confidantes wrestle with the rewards of money, stardom, love, and occasionally, the guilt of having “made it.”

Why Starz felt the need to pay Lebron James for this idea is puzzling. 50 cent and Tyra banks are two other celebrities who leveraged their fame stories to produce show ideas that frankly don’t seem very unique. Nonetheless, the networks think these stars have insights that can make these shows work. The marketability of the name Lebron James won’t exactly hurt things either.

Are you interested in watching the show?

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