The Surprising Obstacle Zoe Saldana Encountered Filming Star Trek Into Darkness

by on April 2, 2013

Zoe-Saldana-Talks-Star-TrekZoe Saldana recently revealed that while filming Star Trek Into Darkness, she repeatedly ran into an issue that caused director J.J. Abrams to have her do more takes. Saldana’s character, Nyota Uhura, is the Starship Enterprises’ language officer and has no problem translating the speech of alien races in mere seconds. In real life, for Saldana, English is a second language. The actress had difficulty keeping up with the spunky, fast dialogue required of her character.  According to ContactMusic, Saldana told Empire Magazine:

He writes these mouthfuls of dialogue and it’s hard for me because Spanish my first language. So there were moments, at least once a day, where we’d have to cut and he was like, ‘Zoe, it’s not traject-ory, it’s traj-ECT-ory.’

Additionally, sometimes Abrams would say, ‘That was great, but this next take, say it all 30 per cent faster!’ It was a trip.”

This issue led to doing several takes of her scenes throughout filming. Would you have guessed that Zoe Saldana had this kind of a problem with speech?

Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters May 9, 2013.



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