Scandal Recap 2×17

by on April 2, 2013

scandal-2-x-17-recapYou know Hell has frozen over when the Devil himself asks for help. Well at least the Gladiators all think that Hollis Doyle is the Devil. It’s a case of spoiled daughters, saying it like you mean it and some tongue action. Scandal, Scandal, Scandal!

The Gladiators are all stunned and even stop in their tracks once they see who their new client is. Olivia tried to warn them beforehand but that didn’t help. Hollis is requesting the services of Pope and Associates along with his fourth ex-wife, whose daughter has been seemingly kidnapped. Olivia pulls up a video of the daughter who is being “Held Captive” in some sort of loft and is delivering a message from her kidnapper who has requested $20 Million in exchange for Hollis’ daughter.

Hollis knows his daughter is a fraud and is having a difficult time believing anything that she says. Therefore, he doesn’t believe the video is true nor does he believe that his daughter has been kidnapped. This pisses off the Gladiators and his ex-wife who feels that he is a cold hearted mutha-shut yo mouth.

It’s a battle of Mellie versus Fitz. Fitz has clearer his schedule for a week to have family time. “Daddy Time” with his two kids who are away at boarding school. Mellie learns about his plans and goes behind his back and has his assistant Laura revise his schedule back to a full work load. While going behind Fitz’ back, Mellie also teamed up with Cyrus to dig up information on Jake Ballard who they are not so fund of. Mellie has been pressuring Cyrus about information and he continues on by saying that “Everything is being handled.” Cyrus calls up his signature “ Hit-man”, who handles all of his dirty work.

Quinn is still in training with Huck as they go through video surveillance of Hollis’ daughter while trying to figure out her location. Quinn points out the inside details of the apartment and the specific windows. When they locate the place, Huck finds a mattress covered in blood.

Back at the office, Olivia receives a call from Hollis’ daughter who tells Olivia that her kidnapper is demanding the money or Hollis will lose his daughter. Hollis still has a hard time believing her but has a shift of emotions once his daughter says that her ear will be cut off if he doesn’t hack over the $20 Million.

C.I.A. Chief Osbourne is trying to prove his innocence by meeting with Cyrus and pleading for his job. He informs Cyrus that he has been loyal in his position and that someone is trying to set him up. Cyrus tells him that there is nothing he can do because the President has made a final decision to relive him of his C.I.A. duties. Osbourne makes a trip to Olivia’s apartment who was researching evidence on him and Wendy. Olivia receives a call from Harrison informing her that Osbourne was on his way up. Liv quickly hides all evidence of research while unknowingly knocking out the surveillance camera set up by Jake. Osbourne threatens to end Liv’s career but she fires back by telling him that she has a few high powered friends of her own who would end him completely. Osbourne left and Liv looked a little bit intimidated.

Jake quickly came over afterwards, with a plan in motion. While watching Liv and Osbourne in action from his home surveillance cameras, he noticed that everything went blank. He headed over to Liv’s apartment for their date and to install more surveillance equipment. Liv flaked out on their date but that didn’t stop Jake. When he arrived to her apartment, he gave Liv the whole spill about why she was scared to date him and how she pretty much was a coward. He hinted at possibly being a bad guy but Olivia still fell for the okey doke. Jake went in for the kiss after pretty much manipulating Liv and lips were locked. He left immediately after, leaving Liv confused and turned on.

Back at the office, the Gladiators worked diligently to find Hollis’ daughter, who was believed to be in extreme danger. A package arrives to the office with a severed ear in a box and Hollis has a break down. He pleads with Olivia to find his daughter and he would pay whatever it took.

Olivia is able to contact his daughter with information about the money exchange for her life. They receive a meeting place, with a deal of $10 Million already transferred and the other half once she was safe in their presence. Olivia, Abby and Huck rescue the daughter and take her to the hospital. Turns out that Hollis was right. His daughter was playing a huge trick on him and even cut off her own ear. She was her own kidnapper.

Mellie finally gives Fitz a piece of her mind and quite frankly, the truth. She tells him that she cancelled his week with the kids because they didn’t want to come. They noticed that he wasn’t the same and they had become scared of him. Mellie pointed out how he was becoming his Father and a drunk and how it made him mean. Fitz was speechless in the end as he knew that everything she said was right. Mellie went on about how Olivia was the cause of his misery. Mellie line of the week: “It’s because you found that your precious Olivia doesn’t have the secrets of the universe tucked between her magical thighs”. This woman is beast like with her insults and I absolutely love it.

Hollis has summoned his daughter to make a decision between taking the money or choosing her family. Even Olivia tries to talk some sense into her head but in the end, she chooses the money. She is one crazy heffa to have cut off her own ear for money. No way, No how!

Twist of the week: Osbourne is found dead in his car from what looks like a suicide. Olivia learns of this and knows that he would have never done anything of that nature. BOOM!!! Jake the “Un-readable Man” to the scene. Jake is seen with a man discussing “Business” on how it looked like a suicide and how Olivia knew that it wasn’t. Osbourne was not the mole. I repeat, Osbourne was not the mole. #WhoIsTheMole (Who do you think is the trader?)


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