Check Out Idris Elba In Toyota Action-Scene Commercials For The Avalon

by on April 3, 2013

Black-Actors-Idris-Elba-Toyota-Avalon-CommercialIdris Elba has signed on with Toyota to promote the newest model of the Avalon Sedan in a series of commercials. The commercials take-on the format of action movie scenes. In the series, Idris Elba attempts to evade a group of men spying on him from helicopters and tracking him on street corners. Watch the 2 released commercials and a behind the scenes feature below.

In the first 30 second clip Idris Elba picks up an associate while trying to evade his pursuers:

Next Elba must utilize evasive driving techniques after he’s identified at a checkpoint on a small road. 

Toyota also released 3 minute of behind the scenes footage on the commercial which features Elba prominently. It provides an interesting look at the filming process.

What do you think Toyota’s goal is for the perception of their Avalon sedan? Do you think Idris Elba is helping them achieve it?

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