La La’s Full Court Life Recap 3×05

by on March 5, 2013


Casinos and gambling are La La’s vices, and we learn this right away as episode 5 kicks off with the crew heading to Foxwood’s casino in Connecticut where La La is scheduled to host a Liquid Sundays party at the hotel casino pool. Dice and Po caution her about what they suspect is a budding gambling problem, but La La pays them no mind. About 30 seconds into her stay at the casino, La La bolts and attaches herself to a slot machine.

Dice and Po assess the situation and take drastic action, confiscating La La’s wallet and taking control of the schedule for the weekend. Their plan is to keep La La as far away from gambling temptation as possible. Their first stop? A golf course where La La suggests, of all things, that they all place bets on the game.

It’s only a matter of time before La La secures the help of her friend Wiz in sneaking away to the casino under the guise of an official meeting. With her $3,000 winnings, La La treats her friends to lunch and helps assuage her guilt at having tricked Po and Dice.



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