Idris Elba Taking Break From Acting For Hip Hop Career

by on March 5, 2013

black-actors-idris-elba-blallywood.com-blackmoviesDespite having a burgeoning career starring in hits like last year’s Prometheus, the upcoming Pacific

Rim, and a television show which earned him a Golden Globe , Idris Elba has decided that now is the time to take a break from acting. Elba, age 40, wants to work on his hip-hop career exclusively for the next full year. His hip hop name is, get this, Driis. Elba insists that this change has nothing to do with money. He actually has legitimate prior musical experience, and its a passion of his. Here’s a quote in which he talks about his reasons for the change found on Standard.co.uk:

“This year, I’m not going to work as an actor and I’m going to put my mind into music,” he said. “It’s a progression thing with me. I want to make music but I don’t want to shove it down people’s throats. People are just barely getting to know me as an actor. But I do it from the heart, I’m not doing it for money — I just enjoy doing it.

I’ve been asked to do lots of collaborations. I did something with Milk, which is a great band and an odd collaboration, I’ve done stuff with Jay-Z on his album American Gangster, so there’s bits and pieces that I’m just going to keep moving forward with.”

Elba recently finished filming Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom alongside co-star Naomie Harris. Perhaps the role took a toll on him emotionally. Do you think the actor will make it a full year without acting? Do you see yourself jamming out to Driis’ hip hop tunes playing on the radio?

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