Deception Recap 1×08

by on March 5, 2013

The FBI has determined that Robert Bowers has motive for killing. Edward is reminiscing back to the days when he felt protected by his father as a young boy. He slowly walks into a press conference to confess the ugly truth about Lyritol. He apologizes for not being able to see that his father was being so crooked.

Mia questions while watching the conference “is that why Vivian died?” Robert screams, “NO!” Mia answers, “Dad this is Edward we are talking about, he’s your son what’s going on?” Robert mutters, “he’s not my son not anymore.” In the FBI room they watch in amazement Will says Edward is smart. He warns we need to watch Robert more than ever he’s going to do something. Julian is with Audrey when this happens and he is distraught over this. She is still playing for the other team but tries to comfort him.

Sophia tells Robert to man up and start doing major damage control and figure out whose on his side. Robert makes everyone who works for him take a polygraph test. Everyone starts doing this to make sure it doesn’t show them as liars. Julian tells Joanna take a sedative if you have something to hide. He also confesses to Joanna he didn’t know about any of this at all she believes him. Julian tells his father he needs to find out the truth.

Mia meets with her biological father to find out that she’s right in the assumption that he doesn’t care and is just wanting something from her. It turns out what he wants is bone marrow because he has leukemia. She tells him she will have to ask her parents he says let me worry about that.

Robert sends Joanna with some money to some stock brokers. She gets kidnapped while going to her car with the money. Julian and Rob talk Julian is in disbelief until children are mentioned in the fatalities. Julian is slapped by a woman in an angry mob. Will and his partner look into the Russian mobsters car they find a USB drive with files on it from Lyritol trials.

Theno the drug dealer Sophia met with is collared by Will who questions him. He responds that he just pays the latin kings to protect the mysterious Wyatt Scott. Senator Haverstock meets with Rob to discuss a trade to make sure he can get Mia’s bone marrow. Robert says, he wants the golf club to protect his family. Haverstock laughs and says, “or to make sure your son is put behind bars.” Joanna is still a hostage but tries to fight her way out. Audrey has flashbacks of her seducing Ben.

Robert’s lawyer inform him that this case could be the end of him. Sophia gets worried Robert says don’t worry that won’t happen. Audrey comforts Julian who doesn’t want to be comforted. Joanna is running from the kidnapper They fight she kills him Will is upset she was ever put in danger by Robert. He tells her he’s going to have a talk with Robert. Kyle is working for Haverstock and now cares for Mia so when told he would be hurting her more by leaving he stays.

Will walks into the Robert’s house to call him on his crap. He leaves shortly but only after letting Sophia know he knows about Wyatt. He hints, “say hello to Wyatt for me. He consider the two a class act of liars.

Edward and Julian make up after he realizes the truth about Lyritol he thanks Edward for not releasing the information about the children. Robert knows Joanna is up to something after she fails the polygraph test and loses the money. He has something up his sleeve. Julian goes to pick her up from the hospital and Will is left hurt once again. He tells her the evidence is true and he needs to go to Thailand to find out what else happened. She’s invited back to the house by Robert and she accepts.


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