Deception Recap 1×06

by on March 19, 2013

deception-recap-107The opening scene is Will and his crew trying to spot Ed as Ben dies. They almost give up hope until “Merry Christmas in a tuxedo” one of his crew says as he’s spotted. It goes to the Edward household where he is calmly one step ahead of the police it seems. He tries to explain to his frantic wife that the police are going to come looking for him. She tells him to go to them first, but he remarks they don’t have enough proof yet. Ed is shown to viewers here as a loving father. As he gingerly, ties his young daughters bow for skating practice. Minutes after Will is at his door Edward reluctantly lets him in.

We are shifted to the Bowers breakfast table where they discuss Mia missing Sophia(Ms.Bowers) says, “we’ve hired a PI but Julian comments, “she’s not missing” she’s freaked. Joanna intervenes asking who the dad is. Julian and herself go through the list of Vivian’s boyfriends when she was 16. Joanna then remembers the senator lighting his cigarette the way Vivian used to. She also flashback to asking Vivian that night what happened with her 40yr old lover. Joanna is about to say the name when Ms. Bowers threatens her life she stands up and says it anyway Dwight Haverstock is Mia’s father.

Julian does his secret knock to get into Joanna’s room she says she is hiding out. He confesses that he knew about Vivian being pregnant before she was murder, that was why they had fought the night she died. Joanna hears Sophia on the phone then she has a closet full of money. She decides to follow her which leads to the apartment of a drug dealer. “Don’t be a dummy” Will warns as he disagrees with the undercover chase. Joanna gets into the guys apartment by saying she’s looking for her missing ferret. She pretends to look and while grabbing some mail.

Julian tells Edward the truth about Mia’s dad. Meanwhile, Mia and her boyfriend are hiding out in a friends house. Joanna secretly looks for Mia despite Will’s advice to stay out of it. Mia is actually having fun being a carefree teenager. She feels the need to break the law so she steals alcohol from a grocery store. Kyle’s license plate number is traced to find he’s also got drug charges on his record.

Mia is found by Julian and Joanna when the go search after Joanna gets the call about the license. She tells Julian the private investigator called with Mia’s location. Joanna is able to get Mia to see that she needs to come home. Julian and Edward separately go to see the senator who lets out the dirty secret he has proof Edward killed Kimberly Yeager seventeen years ago. Edward immediately confronts his father who says he didn’t want to chose between kids. Edward not buying the act says his father traded his jail time for his sister’s rapist getting away.

Edward tells his wife to take his girls to California as they had planned before. He needs to fix this mess with his father. Joanna returns to the Bowers after a long day and learns she’s is being kicked out. She’s fine with it because she has plan B living with Julian Bowers.


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