The Walking Dead Recap 3×9

by on February 13, 2013


The mid-season finale way back in 2012 left us captivated, laying the foundations for the conflict that will unfold throughout the rest of season 3: Woodbury vs. The Prison. Underneath this central dramatic umbrella other smaller yet still important conflicts will also be played out, with a main theme of loyalty.

The mid-season premier started off with another daring rescue attempt by Rick and the gang; this time for Darryl, but they came away with an extra, unwanted character, Merle. Although Merle helps the group escape Woodbury, his efforts are not nearly enough to absolve him of the sins he committed against Glenn and Maggie. Rick refuses to allow Merle back into the crew, giving Daryl a tough choice between blood and his Zombie Apocalypse adoptive family. Daryl chooses blood, and the two Dixon brothers head off into the wilderness.

The denizens of Woodbury are understandably frightened and unsettled by what has unfolded in their quiet little oasis. Things only get worse once walkers get through the breach left in the wall by Rick and his fellow escapees, killing a few citizens. Here we see the Governor’s transition from naively hopeful to cold and vengeful, as he shoots a fellow Woodburian after he is bitten. We all knew the Governor was a lunatic but he is now showing his true colors for all to see. It is this affair that seems to inspire Andrea to take more of a leadership role in Woodbury, seeing as she has the most experience with the walkers.

It is with Andrea and Daryl’s situation that we will be presented with the theme of loyalty. The Governor and Woodbury wish to strike back at Rick, which will put Andrea in an interesting situation where she will most likely have to choose between the two sides. Daryl is in a similar yet slightly different situation. Merle believes both parties have done him wrong, and being the violent loose cannon he is there is no telling how and who he will exact his vengeance upon. Daryl will most likely have to choose between his brother and Rick at a later point in the season.

Not all the conflict is external though. The Prison has once again been introduced to a new group. Tyreese is the leader and they seem harmless, but with Ricks declining mental state there is no telling how they will gel with the steadily disintegrating original group. Also, it is yet to be seen whether Michonne can come out of her anti-social personality and contribute positively to sedentary group life; something unfamiliar to her nomadic independent ways.

All in all it seems we in are in for another action packed, drama filled season of America’s favorite Zombie show.


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