The Walking Dead Recap 3×10

by on February 20, 2013


This week’s episode starts off quietly, with Rick surveying the property; and all of us wondering “Has Rick come back to his senses?” We, the audience, get the answer we were waiting for: No. Rick sees Lori’s angelic specter in the prison yard, and quickly chases after her. With Rick’s meltdown last week, the whole group was finally presented with the ascending insanity that’s been brewing within Rick ever since, well, ever since he awoke from a coma to find a world where almost everyone is a blood thirsty zombie, his wife is sleeping with his best friend, and now he may have to raise that best friends baby! Jerry Springer is envious somewhere.

My point being, a power vacuum now exists within the prison group. Daryl would fill it, but of course, he is off gallivanting with his brother. Glenn accepts that he is the next in line, but Hershel, as well as us, wonder if Glenn’s passions have rested. Glenn of course is on a warpath, rendering him almost just as incapacitated as Rick. The rest of the group, though in shambles, are holding on as best they can.

After tantalizing us with Rick/Prison drama the episode moves to Woodbury, where Andrea is confronted by the Governor. The Governor seems to be in full emotional manipulation mode, when the topic of conversation turns to Andrea’s “friends” at the prison. Here the Governor states, in the essence of any true politician, without batting an eye that “As long as they leave us alone, we have no problem.” That slimy bastard. We know not to trust him, but does Andrea?

Finally, to cover all dramatic fronts, we come to Daryl and Merle wandering in the woods, exchanging some heated banter about direction, hunting, and anything else Merle can think to antagonize little brother with. We get the sense though that it is Daryl who knows what he is talking about, and that his brother is no longer his superior, if he ever was. Daryl gets his chance to show his stuff when he saves a Latino family from a horde of walkers, and then saves them from Merle. This confrontation is the impetus that spurs Daryl to choose Rick and the Prison over Merle.

So, with Rick chasing ghosts, Daryl off in the Georgia pines, and Glen dealing with his internal fury, the prison is left extremely vulnerable. Shots Fired! The first salvos of war are fired off by the Governor and his men, leaving Axle dead. A fierce gun battle ensues, culminating in an ingenious zombie infiltration of the Prison yard orchestrated by The Governor. Finally, Glenn and Daryl return to help save the day, but the damage has been done. The Prison is no longer safe. Rick must regain his sanity or else the group is doomed.


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