Stills Preview Don Cheadle In Iron Man 3

by on February 9, 2013


Iron Patriot

Don Cheadle is appearing in Iron Man 3, which hits theaters May 3rd, to reprise his role as Iron Patriot aka War Machine. A few stills of Cheadle in character have been posted to the web. The above photo is a high quality still taken from the newest trailer that aired during the Superbowl.  The last two stills show an upgraded version of Don Cheadle’s characters suit.

Iron Patriot armour in full glory , which is said to be an upgraded version of (Don Cheadle) James Rhodes’ War Machine suit,  released by The Daily Mail

In the clip below, Don Cheadle talks about recent work, and jokes around about his colleagues. He doesn’t give much away concerning Iron Man 3, but he certainly has a sense of humor. 

Cheadle is only visible for a blip in the Iron Man 3 Superbowl trailer embedded below, but its fun to watch none-the-less.

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