Skyzoo’s Music Video ‘Spike Lee Was My Hero’ A Tribute To Filmmaker

by on February 1, 2013



Skyzoo recently released a music video for a track titled “Spike Lee Was My Hero” on his album A Dream Deffered. Talib Kweli also features on the track. The video features memorabilia and images from Spike Lee’s films, including a poster for the recent Red Hook Summer which was released in 2012.  The release comes just in time for Spike Lee who is in need of positive publicity after recently blasting Quentin Tarantino (writer and director of Django Unchained) and accusing him of exploiting Black history to make a bloody film. Spike Lee never saw the film and made the comment before its release. Once it was released in theaters, Spike Lee’s criticism seemed out of touch, and the Black audience in general responded positively to Tarantino’s film.

Fortunately, Spike Lee’s reputation is so strong that he did not face direct criticism for his pre-mature judgement. His fans still stand beside him, and in Skyzoo’s case, even idolize him.

Watch Skyzoo’s music video below for “Spike Lee Was My Hero” below.  Throughout the song he repeats this verse:

I heard d’s from my pillow, right?
Made me lean out my window, right?
Knew the scene from the get go, right?
But spike lee was my hero, right
Said spike lee was my hero, right
But spike lee was my hero, right
Say you here by any means till I’m ditto
But spike lee was my hero, right

Will you be putting the track on your playlist?

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