Person of Interest Recap 2×12

by on February 6, 2013


This continuation episode opens with Detective Carter questioning Reese. Donnelly is looking on while Carter is scared out of her mind. She has to figure out how to get Reese off the hook while keeping herself free from police investigation.

Since Reese is in jail and Carter is busy trying to get him off the hook, Finch enlist Fusco’s help. He calls Fusco with information on a new number and the person who is facing trouble. Fusco has to play hero and he does it quite well.

Donnelly decides to check Reese’s background, including his alias, John Warren. Finch is able to hack into the earpiece that Carter is using with Donnelly, who fed her questions to ask to Reese. Finch tells Carter to stall while he creats a background for “John Warren”. When Donnelly checks his background, he finds everything to be legitimate.

One particular gentleman has been informed of the four men being held at Rikers and he has to fix it. One of the men being held, works for an organization that may be subject to investigation if any information is spilled. Hersh, the gentleman, fires a gin into the air to get himself arrested and he does. They take him straight to Rikers.

Carter has been informed to uncuff the men being held to gain their trust. Donnelly has come up with a theory that someone technically savvy is behind Reese’s cover so he decides to check out John Warren’s office. Great job on Finch’s part who made the office look real. Donnelly still is not convinced.

Carter is still questioning Reese, and Donnelly informed her to ask some hard questions. Carter asks Reese if he has ever killed anyone and he replies yes, during his military service in Bosnia. Donnelly has Carter push for more information on his military background so that he can check it out. Everything that Reese is sharing was true.

One of the men being held is let go after Carter questions him. He was serving in Iraq during the time of the incident, leaving only three men left to be questioned.

Elias spots Reese on the yard and has him meet up for a brief meeting. Elias tells Reese that he was aware about the hunt for the “Man in the suit” and that he was willing to help. Reese has Elias take a picture of Hersh to be sent over to Finch.

When Finch receives the picture, he informs Fusco that he recognizes Hersh as a “Government Spook”.

Another of the suspects, McAvoy tells Carter if he’s given immunity he’ll tell her whatever she wants to know. Donnelly bursts into the room and says if he can tell them which of the other two is the man in the suit he can have his deal. A fire alarm sounds, set off by Finch. Finch has Carter drop her phone into McAvoy’s pocket on his way out of the building. In the yards the phone rings with Finch telling him he’s aware he’s made millions working as a mercenary. Finch drains his offshore account and offers him the chance to work with him instead of the FBI.

Hersh kills Kelly, the fourth suspect that Carter and Donnelly had been questioning.

McAvoy tells Donnelly the man in the suit is not Reese. At that moment Donnelley is told that Kelly “hung himself” and he immediately pulls McAvoy’s deal. Donnelly tells Carter he’s now more certain than ever that Warren is his man.

Donnelly tells Carter to “break” Warren. As Carter asks Reese questions, Finch is creating confirmation for the answer. Donnelly has her asks Reese if he’s ever had a girlfriend and this leads to him talking about some of his real life.

Donnelly tells Carter there is one final test to try. We see Reese let into the yard. Donnelly tells Carter he’s going to let one of the Arians go after Reese and see if his combat skills surface. He tells the warden to lock the guards out of the yard. Reese is beaten mercilessly and hardly fights back. Just as Hersh walks over with a shank Elias puts a stop to it with a whistle. Carter yells at Donnelly that he’s way over the line.

Carter gets the fourth suspect into the room and pushes him hard. Eventually he attacks her and has to be held back. Carter tells Donnelly “that’s your man.”

Reese is set free. He meets with Carter and thanks her for the help. They begin to talk and Donnelly jumps out with his gun drawn: “Congratulations Carter, you just caught the man in the suit.” He has her put cuffs on Reese, then places cuffs on Carter.

We flash to Reese being ordered by Snow to “retire agent Stanton” after the current mission is over. Later on she shoots him and they realize they were both given the same orders. A bomb explodes nearby as Reese runs off.

Finch calls Fusco with word of an emergency. Pay phones begin ringing next to Finch as he walks along the street. It seems to be the machine.

The code the machine gives him over the phone points him to Donnelly.

Donnelly drives Carter and Reese to a safe house. Since he’s not sure who to trust, he has no backup. Carter tries to convince Donnelly that Reese is a good man. Donnelly thinks that he is nothing more than a monster.

While looking at Donnelly’s bio, Finch realized that he was facing trouble and immediately calls Donnelly. He tells him he’s Reese’s partner and that he is in grave danger. At this point Donnelly’s car is hit by a truck. All three survive, but a person walks up and puts two bullets in Donnelly’s head. It is Stanton, Reese’s ex C.I.A. partner and she walks over to Reese and knocks him out with a needle to the neck, immediately putting him to sleep.


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