Blair Underwood To Star In Cop Show Remake

by on February 7, 2013


A reboot of the TV show Ironside is a candidate for becoming a new 2013 television show. If the show gets picked up, it will star Blair Underwood in the leading role as Robert T. Ironside according to Crave. The original Ironside television show aired way back in 1967 and ran for 8 seasons and 199 episodes. It followed a police detective who solved crimes even after an incident on the job left him paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. The original Robert T. Ironside was not a “Black character”. It seems NBC Universal is just keen on Blair Underwood. A few months back, we posted an announcement that NBC Universal signed a deal with Underwood to create starring roles for him. If one project failed another would be created.

The Original Robert T. Ironside

Currently it is pilot season in Hollywood and a variety of potential shows are being filmed. But many will be tossed before the Fall television season. Due to the success of Ironside in the past and the popularity of police procedural shows today, it looks as if Ironside may stay around for a while.

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