The Obama Deception

by on January 21, 2013


Since the first mention of President Barack Obama’s first campaign he has been hailed as a savior to this country and the world; even being given the Nobel Peace Prize. Has anyone ever stopped to to really investigate the reasons why this man, made of flesh and blood, was anointed as the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ himself. Certainly the media provides us with reasons daily, but are they really that convincing?

I, like most of you, was fed up with the Bush Administration, and Obama truly did represent something new in my mass media mind. Luckily, for us, there were those older and wiser than us who were investigating the media frenzy behind Barack Obama. One of those men was Alex Jones, who has been labeled a conspiracy theorist fool on mainstream media, was brave enough to put ideas contrary to corporate media on camera.

In short, Alex Jones put together a documentary indicting president Obama as the face of the same shadow government (The Federal Reserve Bankers) that ran the Bush administration; and many administrations before that. Instead of going into the details of the film, I have posted a link to the full length version of his documentary, The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off.

Interviews in the documentary include those with rappers KRS-One and Professor Griff (of Public Enemy), as well as historian Webster G. Tarpley, and famed trends forecaster Gerald Celente.

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