Thandie Newton Starring In DirecTV Original “Rogue”

by on January 23, 2013



A new trend for cable service providers (Hulu, Netfilx, and now DirecTV) is to produce their own shows. With television networks offering episodes of their shows in ways that diminish the need for a cable package, cable providers are worried TV networks may no longer lead their services. Cable providers hope to hold onto customers by hooking them on shows of their own. As big of a jump as it is from providing cable to content creation, many of these shows have not been bad.

 Rogue is a show that fits in this category, and is being produced by DirecTV. It will be a 10-episode series airing on channel 239, The Audience Network, an stars Thandie Newton.

According to Hollywood Reporter:

“It’s the relationship of an undercover cop with a crime boss and the complexities and the contrasts that result from that relationship… The show is about the definition of justice, how justice works, whether it’s legislative, whether it’s personal; but it’s also a thriller and entertaining.”

Newton’s character’s mission is to find out what happened to her murdered child. The structure will be that of a serialized-thriller.

Watch the trailer for the series, below:

Rogue premieres April 3 at 9 p.m. on DirecTV’s Audience Network. What do you think about DirecTV creating its own shows?


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