Donald Glover To Be Girls Love Interest & The Faked Controversy

by on January 10, 2013

BLACK-ACTOR-DONALD-GLOVER-TO-APPEAR-ON-HBO-GIRLS-WITH-LENA-DUNHAMDonald Glover will appear in the 2nd season of the HBO series Girls which premieres this Sunday January, 13 on HBO. Reports say he will play a Republican who dates star Lena Dunham’s character according to AV Club.

Surrounding the show has been discussion on “reported complaints” about its lack of a diversity. What seems to be invisible are the actual complaints themselves. While if prompted, a non-White television viewer might cite lack of diversity as a reason they are not interested in the show, the show is, for the most part, not even on this audience’s radar.

How many Black characters are on the popular HBO shows Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, or  The Newsroom? If there are no “reported complaints” for diversity on these shows which are immensely more popular, how is it that somehow the Black audience is making time to complain about Girls? I’m doubtful.

BLACK-ACTOR-DONALD-GLOVER-guest-girls-hbo-blallywood.comDo you buy into the race controversy over Girls? Or do you, like me, feel the reports over “crys of lack of diversity” on the show are a rather irresponsible media ploy to get the series talked about?

Either way, its clear that Donald Glover’s inclusion in the 2nd season is an attempt to gain a more diverse viewer base. Whether or not it will work is to be seen. Do you plan to catch the episodes which feature Donald Glover?


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