Blallywood Is Building Its Writing Team

by on January 25, 2013


Blallywood provides news about Black Holllywood without the negative gossip.  It’s maintained by a group of young volunteers, not a faceless corporation. We are building our writing team and need people who can provide content on a weekly basis at the minimum.

We work on the site for fun and experience. It’s mainly for people who are interested in the subject matter, but do not want to run their own blog about the subject.  By writing together, we ensure the site is high quality, and articles are always posted regularly since there is a group of us.

Right now the site needs:

Original Article Writers (Write your opinion on the big stories in the Black film or television realm) Was Django Unchained over the line, or was it your kind of film?

TV Episode Recappers (Real Husbands, The Game, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Deception, Etc) Are you obsessed with a particular TV series that stars Black characters?  Recap each episode and talk about the moments where you dropped your jaw.

Lastly the site needs News Posters. This position requires experience and a lot of dedication. You must know how to cite articles, research a topic thoroughly before posting, and know about wordpress, how to crop photos, and embed videos.  To apply for this you are required to keep on top of what’s going on with the Black film/tv/theater world.

Once again these are volunteer positions for resume building, development of writing, and for fun.

E-mail anya@Blallywood.com

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