You Won’t Believe How Many Times N Word Said In Django Unchained

by on December 18, 2012


Major movie fans know to expect graphic violence and perhaps shocking obscenity from Quentin Tarantino, director of Django Unchained.  What may surprise movie goers is the repetition of one particular obscenity that Hollywood usually uses sparingly, even in racially driven narratives.

In an early review of Django Unchained by Varietythe reviewer reported “no fewer than 109 instances of the N word, most of them deployed either for laughs or alliteration.”

The film is 165 minutes in length, so on average expect to hear the N word every minute and a half.

If you were thinking of taking the whole family to see this flick, you may want to consider generational gaps, personal sensitivities, and whether you family members understand the dynamics a Tarantino film.

How does this information impact your desire to see the film?