Scandal Recap 2×08

by on December 8, 2012


I CANT BREATHE! WHERE’S THE PAPER BAG? I NEED SOME OXYGEN STAT! All hail Shonda Rhimes for her incredible writing talents and praises to the cast of Scandal for such wonderful acting. Episode 8 of Scandal was absolutely mind-boggling superb. I don’t know how else to say it.

There was so much going on in this episode but it all had meaning behind it. Sex, lies, secrets, murders and infidelity makes for great television.

President Grant has exited his vehicle along with the First Lady as they meet hand in hand. They have arrived to a surprise Gala for the President, coordinated by the First Lady. They meet hand in hand and in the midst of his Presidential waive to the crowd of on lookers, President Grant is shot four times as well as a security guard and his press secretary, Britta Cagan. Olivia is being checked by security as she witnesses the attempted assassination. First Lady is screaming frantically as her husband’s blood is spattered over her body. Cyrus stands directly across from the President and is in a state of panic.

Emergency news coverage has interrupted the TV airwaves as reporter Reed Wallace updates the world on the condition of the President. While broadcasting live, Wallace himself was given the impression that the President was safe but soon finds out on air that the President was shot.

The President is rushed to the hospital where he is taken into surgery immediately. Olivia is able to catch a glimpse of him on a stretcher which weakens her. Mellie is intensely screaming at the doctors to save her husband. Olivia receives a call from Edison who wants updates on the President’s condition. He knows that Vice President Langston has begun her quest to take over the White House and he has to persuade the members of the House to not give in to her quest. Olivia glances towards the floor of the emergency room in which Fitz was in and sees droplets of his blood. Next to his blood is a pin of the flag, which she had given to him as a present on the night of his election.

Olivia then has a flashback of when Fitz was first inaugurated. Olivia is in her office demanding that her interns go and find a dress so that they could celebrate at the inaugural ball. One particular intern thanks Olivia and tells her how great she is. Before leaving, Olivia witnesses an argument between Cyrus and James. James is furious because he was not invited to the ball and has a deeper issue with Cyrus not acknowledging him as his boyfriend. Cyrus storms out of the office and stops when he notices Olivia. He asks if she is going to the ball and leaves once she gives him an answer. Olivia has opted out of going to the ball so she goes straight home.

A few hours pass by and she receives a call from Mr. President. She arrives to the White House where she meets the newly inaugurated President in his new oval office. Fitz was supposed to be at the inaugural ball but instead chose to be with Olivia.

The passion begins to ignite between these two as Fitz attempts to kiss Olivia. She dodges him by walking around the couch. Once again, Fitz tries to kiss her and this time she is stuck. He grabs her from behind and begins to kiss her neck. Olivia continues to remind him of their promise; they would stop the affair once he became President. Olivia tries to resist but is lured in by his touch. Olivia once again tells Fitz that what they’re doing is wrong and that “this can’t happen”. President Grant suggests that it could happen on the desk. They move to the desk where they both agree that they can’t stop the affair. Olivia keenly looks into the eyes of the President and sits on the desk. She raises her skirt and it happens. The steamiest of all steamy sex between the President and Olivia happens right in the oval office.

The next day while jogging with his team of security, one particular guard informs the President that the White House is secured by cameras. He tells him that there are cameras all over the White House and that he checks the footage every morning. “You know what happened”, the President asked. His guard replied yes and insured him that his secret was safe. Fitz then goes on to ask which parts of the White House does not have cameras.

Back to the news coverage. Reporter Wallace now has footage of the shooting which is being aired for the world to see. As he reports the breaking news, he seems to be bewildered as to the actual happenings of the President’s shooting. He soon learns that press secretary Cagan had succumbed to her injuries and had been pronounced dead.

When news of the President’s shooting hits the airwaves, Vice President Sally Langston steps up but in a conniving way. VP Langston makes a daring statement, on national television, asking the world to pray for the President but to rest assure that she is the acting Commander in Chief. Cyrus and Olivia rushes over to the White House to give her an earful. Cyrus storms into the oval office and slams the door where he can be heard badgering the VP for making such a statement. He informs her that she is not the President because America already has one. Olivia, standing outside the door with White House workers, demands that one secretary go to her apartment to get the following: One gray suit, one blue suit, one black suit, six blouses, 3 pairs of shoes, some underwear and her toothbrush. Olivia was back and she was once again representing Mr. President.

Flashbacks of Olivia and the President appear again, this time as Olivia and Cyrus are helping the President come up with an appropriate State of the Union speech. Once again, Olivia and Fitz are seen in zero clothing as they spice it up with some “Presidential Sex”. While in her private cabin, Fitz brings Mellie to Olivia’s cabin, in which she was setting up a romantic night for him. Olivia is stunned when she opens the door to see Mellie and Mr. President. Mellie had pretty much invited herself to dinner and Olivia was pissed at the President. The next day, Olivia makes a public statement about the state of the White House, the President’s medical condition and the Vice President’s safety.

During another flashback sequence, Press Secretary Cagan informs Olivia that there was a call about voting irregularities in Ohio and Olivia vows to take care of it. She calls Huck, who looked like a caveman at the time, to dig up some dirt on the person trying to out them. Huck gives Liv the information and dhe gives him money and the keys to her apartment. They were officially roommates. Olivia calls Hollis, of Doyle Energy and tells him to take care of “that situation.” A guy named Jesse Tyler had been in contact with Hollis about rigged voting machines but Hollis denied everything. Olivia learns that there was an explosion which left seven people dead. Hollis had taken care of “the situation” but killed a few people along the way. One of the people amongst the explosion happened to be a Lindsay Dyre a.k.a. Quinn. Hollis actually caused the explosion but had framed an innocent girl to take the blame from him. That’s why Olivia rescued Quinn. She felt like she was partly to blame and she wanted to make things right.

Olivia is now pacing through on the front lawn of the White House where the President interrupts her. They have a spat over their affair but quickly remind each other that it’s more than an affair. Olivia makes it known how she feels and boy did she have great feelings towards him. Liv spills her guts out to tell Fitz that her life doesn’t move forward unless he does. She can’t breathe because she is waiting on him. Her entire life is controlled by waiting on him. Fitz fires back and insist the he wants to be a better man but he wants it with Olivia. He’s in live with Olivia and he can’t sleep because he is constantly thinking about her. With his every move, he awaits Olivia. This scene was breath taking as we as viewers finally came to an understanding of the deep love between these two characters.

The scene flashes back to the current happenings. Olivia receives another call from Edison, warning her that VP Langston has been rallying to get cabinet members to sign the Presidency over to her. Olivia and Cyrus are now brainstorming as to how they can stop her. Olivia makes a visit to the hospital to see Mellie. There was a moment of bitterness as Mellie and Olivia both waited for the man that they loved. Olivia informs Mellie about VP Langston and Mellie tells Liv that she needs something to wear. Olivia is now taken to Mellie’s closet and has asked to be left alone while to picks out a dress for her. She stumbles across Fitz sweater and holds it close her face. Within moments, Olivia succumbs to the pain and has a breakdown. Her heart aches because she can’t do anything for the President. Mellie makes a public statement about Fitz and asks America to not give up on him, assuring his spot as President would be safe.

Flashback to the beginning of his Presidency. During a visit to see the original constitution, Olivia admits to Fitz that she too is in love with him. They make an agreement that they are in it together. Cyrus gives James the name of Langston’s nominee for Supreme Court. James, with his journalist background, pulls up some dirt on the candidate hindering his nomination as the next Supreme Court Justice. That’s how Supreme Court Justice Thompson won her spot on the court. She had rallied for the President and when news surfaced that Langston had someone else in mind for the office, she told Cyrus and Olivia to fix it. Olivia has a run-in with Mellie who find the pin of the flag that Liv gave to Fitz. Mellie knew all along that Olivia and Fitz were having an affair. When the President arrives to his office, he finds his pin and Olivia’s letter of resignation.

Flashback to the hospital. As Mellie sits and waits by Fitz’s side, Olivia shows up and hands her the pin of the flag. She puts it by his side and they both wait by his bedside. VP Langston has received enough votes and has been sworn in as the President of the United States. Cyrus receives news of this and has gone ballistic.He destroys his office from top to bottom in news that Fitz is no longer President. Another news interruption flashes across the screen as the President’s shooter has been identified. Who shot Fitz? He had been missing from the office the entire day. He was thought to have been out on a date. He did what he was trained to do. I, surely along with all of the viewers, could not believe that it was HUCK who shot Fitz.


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