Grey’s Anatomy Recap 9×08

by on December 18, 2012


Have you ever worked so much that you were totally sleep deprived? I’m pretty sure that the interns at Seattle Grace felt that way on episode eight of Grey’s Anatomy. They seemed really excited to be working but after a twelve hour shift, all of their energy had vanished.

The interns start their day off in the locker room, bickering over who’s performing what service. Interns Leah and Stephanie fight over performing a surgery with Yang while everyone else tries to avoid Meredith. Unfortunately, intern Shane gets stuck with April, who earned herself a new nickname from the interns, “The Dud.” April was not to happy about her new name and has a seemingly no-so-happy attitude. Shane and April spend their day removing sickening lumps and bumps from body parts. Apparently that is what happens when you fail the boards. April is not to thrilled about her day but Shane reassures her that it could be worse and she should cheer up because she gets to do what she loves and call it a job.

Intern Jo starts her day off totally unprepared. Alex has a surgery to get to so in classic Alex fashion, he dumps his seconds off to Jo and goes back to perform the awesome surgery. Another one of Alex’s patients goes into labor and Jo is put to the test because Alex is unable to help with the delivery. He leaves Jo in charge who has began to panic. During the delivery, the nurses were bombarding Jo with questions about the delivery but she was unable to answer them. She took a deep breath and remembered what Alex told her in case of emergencies. She also had help from the head Nurse who was also able to help her calm down. Jo was successful in delivering the baby but notices that the baby was not breathing upon delivery. She immediately hands the baby over to other doctors who were able to save the baby. Interns are good after all. I believe emergency situations are best for testing their skills and knowledge of becoming new doctors.

In a battle for Cristina’s approval, Grumpy and Perky go head-to-head, making their every move a competition. Their competitive spirits causes them to nearly kill a patient which results in a suspension from the O.R. They both are suspended from the O.R. by Owen who does so in front of Cristina. I believe Owen was trying to prove some sort of point but I clearly have not caught on.

As Cristina’s interns fail, Meredith’s intern succeeds. She kind of succeeds because she is not in trouble. Intern Heather, “Grumpy”, as Cristina calls her, has been confined to phone duty for Meredith. She has been instructed to call all of Derek’s sisters and to ask them to be a nerve donor. Meredith and Callie are not giving up on Derek’s hand in hopes that he will return to the O.R. and perform surgery again. Derek learns of this and instructs “Grumpy” to call/text all of his sisters back and tell them that he does not need a nerve donor. They bicker back and forth in the O.R., leaving “Grumpy” very confused as to what she is supposed to do.

OK, so now that we know what the interns are up to, so let’s take a brief moment to acknowledge the patients: You have the two hot and single parents who unite in the NICU only to be pulled apart and then back together by a heartbreaking situation that involves both of their babies needing the same heart, the guys who shot and then ran over big foot, and the 15-year-old girl who leaves her child. And that brings us back to Jo and Alex.

Could they be the new Mer and Der? After quite a bit of teasing, a little bit of sarcasm and being called princess one too many times, Jo finally snaps when her patient decides to leave her baby. And by snaps, we mean that she pins her patient’s mother up against a wall. It’s only when Alex pulls her off that he learns her story. She’s not a rich little princess. She was a foster child. She had a troubled childhood. And just like that, Jo assaults a patient’s family member and steals Alex’s heart all at once.

But Jo isn’t the only intern with a rough side. After being thrown to the wolves, Heather finally stands up to Meredith and Derek for putting her in the middle of their marriage. More like phone duty. And Heather isn’t having any more of it. Luckily for her, she won’t have to, because Derek’s sister, Liz, played by Neve Campbell is in town! Mission accomplished.

After an intense day, the interns suit up to go home. As they are walking out, the stop and watch as the real doctors take in more patients. Meredith, Cristina, April, Jackson and the others have been at the hospital all day but they are still hanging in there. I think the interns finally understood what it meant to be a doctor. They were really relieved however to get some much needed rest. A day in the life of the interns was very interesting. I smell another Shonda Rhimes spin-off. No? Okay!

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