Wild Comedy “Highway” Now On DVD

by on November 14, 2012


November 13th marks the official DVD release date for Highway by Lionsgate. Lionsgate distributes a lot of black movies including the Tyler Perry films.

The comedy is about:

“two marijuana-loving brothers, Earl (Roland “Lil Duval” Powell) and Ray Ray (Devin “The Dude” Copeland), who embark on a journey in search of a mythical highway in Kentucky, which they believe will lead them to “marijuana nirvana”. After encountering several obstacles, they find the crop and with a strategic plan in place they attempt to trespass and steal the crop. Leaving a path of destruction behind them these two can’t seem to get out of Kentucky fast enough.”

Also in the film is  Eddie Griffin,  Lil Duval, and Rapper Devin the Dude.

Watch the trailer and don’t take it too seriously:

If this is your type of comedy, you can pickup the Highway DVD at Walmart and Target either online or in-store, and on Amazon or iTunes.

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