Scandal Recap 2×06

by on November 16, 2012

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The mail lady is making her rounds and a friendly neighbor catches her before she leaves to drop a letter in the mail. The area is beautiful and Mr. Neighbor is nice enough to stay and make sure Ms. Mail lady drives off safe. And then his brain matter splashes on the side of the mailbox. Is it still a beautiful day in the neighborhood?

Olivia is out on a date with Edison and they are really enjoying themselves. Their conversation consist of politics as usual, but Olivia has a smile on her face and I like it. Edison walks her home and expects to come in for a night cap. Olivia lets him know that there will be no hanky panky, even though they’ve lived together once before and have seen each other’s junk. No night caps for Edison. Olivia enters her apartment alone, and goes straight to her computer. She listens to a secret recording of Abby and David who are still discussing the case of Doyle and Energy.

Congrats to Huck for getting some action. Huck awakes next to his new girlfriend who rolls over and plants one on him. Do they not care about morning breath? She tells Huck that she’s about to take a shower and he springs into action. While she’s in the shower, Huck snaps shots of all of her personal identification. Of course he has to check into the background of this perfectly normal girl. He has no normalcy in him.

Back at the office, the team has taken on the case of the man who committed suicide. When his identification is revealed, Huck reveals that the man was once his mentor. Crosby and Huck worked were part of “B613”, which was a top secret program for spies funded by the C.I.A. Huck pulls Olivia to the side and informs her that this is his battle and that it would be to much for her to handle. Olivia pleads with Huck to let her help him and to let her “take care of him.” He agrees, hesitantly, only to let Olivia do her job.

The team also figures out that Nigel Sarnoff is involved in the case too. He is a professional hacker who has found out about “B613″ and is threatening to expose the program. The top secret program had five members and Olivia wants to know how the Hacker found out about this program.

She assigns Huck the duty of contacting all of his fellow spies and have them meet at Pope and Associates to solve this case.

Harrison sees that Olivia has been pacing throughout her office and goes in to help her. He insists on helping Olivia with what ever she needs. Olivia tells him that she can handle it, but he demands that she let him help her. Olivia tells Harrison that Abby and David can’t be together, though she won”t tell him why. Harrison responds to Olivia by saying, “Consider it handled.” He goes on to tell her that he owes her one for sitting in a jail cell with him for hours and getting him out. Olivia says it was her job and Harrison gets offended. “Don’t insult me. I’m not your job, I’m your family.” Harrison is then off to finish the job and he pulls the old bar trick. He meets a woman at a bar and slides her an envelope filled with money. She lets Harrison know that David is a good man and that she is only doing it for the money. The lady is actually an ex girlfriend of David.

The team waits by the elevator as the “B613” team arrives. Huck has them all empty their weapons into a basket. They all are seated in a conference room as Olivia informs them as to why they are there and how she will be handling the case. Quinn has been assigned to record conversations of the team of spies,, including Huck. Harrison and Abby have been assigned to dig up dirt on the spies but they come up with nothing.

Quinn gets a call from Olivia who informs her that she will be back at the office shortly. Liv went out to get help from Edison. She begs Edison to help her get information He of course helps Liv and tells her that he will call her when he has any information.

Cyrus has a spat with his Husband who has written an article on Doyle, while quoting some nasty words from Cyrus. He informs his husband that his article, which was published on the front of the paper, could possibly ruin his reputation. He demands that he never write anymore articles about Doyle but his demand is not taken seriously.
Back at the white House, Cyrus invites his husband to the oval office for an apology. They take a seat and Cyrus apologizes for his behavior and begins to cry. He wants his husband to know that he supports his career and that he is proud of him, but that he couldn’t write anymore articles about Doyle. His husband feels much sympathy and assures that he will no longer write anymore articles on Doyle. After he leaves the office, Cyrus breathes a breathe of relief and says, “The things I have to do to get what I want.” Classic Cyrus, just classic.

Back at the office, Quinn drops her cup of coffee and when she turns around and sees that every spy has a gun pointed toward each other. Fortunately, Harrison and Abby arrive and Harrison is able to deal with the situation. He is able to talk everyone into putting their guns down and staying calm.

Olivia meets in a warehouse to speak with Sarnoff and ends up speaking with him via laptop. His lawyer is there in person. Olivia takes the laptop, slams it onto the floor and demands that Sarnoff’s lawyer fork over some information. He gives Olivia a bank account number that he wired money into.

Olivia calls Huck and gives him the account number and thats when things get juicy. Huck informs the crew and they immediately know who leaked the info to Sarnoff. It was the older man, who had taken on the identity of a doctor. They remembered him taking a call and giving a prescription number over the phone. He was actually giving the back account number in Morse code. Huck tried to save him but he was offed by the sweet mother of three. The crew cleaned the scene while Huck remained in his chair for the entire time.

Abby has fallen for the okey doke and has broken up with David. Harrison planted information in his apartment that would lead her to believe him an abusive ex boyfriend. This was totally a deal breaker for Abby who had been rescued by Olivia from an abusive husband. Abby is being consoled by Olivia who tells her that everything is going to be okay. Abby apologizes for betraying Olivia and for being a bad friend, but she is forgiven.

That night, Olivia is home when Edison knocks at the door. She opens it and he has her favorite, popcorn and red wine. He has also brought dinner but Olivia has finally broken down. She can no longer hide her emotions as she begins to cry. Edison asks what is wrong and Olivia falls into his arms and plants a big one on him. When emotions get the best of you, why not take advantage of an ex boyfriend? I like Liv and Edison. Do You?


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