Scandal Recap 2×05

by on November 10, 2012

I smell something juicy and I definitely have to have a taste of it. There are some delicious scandal pies out on the table and I’m waiting to be served.

Pope and Associates will never see the day of boredom because within this group, it simply does not exist. Olivia is starting to reconnect with her ex, Edison Davis, Abby is dating David Rosen, Quinn is suspicious of Olivia and how she gets things done, Huck is preparing for a date and Harrison is to sexy for words. Let’s get down to business people.

Huck is faithfully attending his “AA” meetings and he has found an interest in his new lady friend. Huck is preparing himself a cup of coffee and trying to figure out a way to ask his new friend out on a date. She walks over and beats him to the punch. They both are  nervous but Huck agrees and she goes old school writing her number in his hand.

Olivia and the team are called in for a major crisis. Before the team goes to view the scene, they wait for Olivia as she is interestingly denying Edison’s proposal for a date. Olivia’s phone conversation has become amusement for the team as they listen on. Olivia finally gives in and accepts Edison’s date proposal, only to get him off the phone. I believe there was even a quick smile from Olivia during this conversation. Someone still has feelings for their ex and I like it.

The team enters the room to find a dead body surrounded in blood and blood spatters covering the walls. This is where it gets juicy. The dead body was actually the contractor, who was working on remodeling the Governor’s house. Olivia enters another room where the Governor and his wife are. The story goes: The Governor walked in on his contractor who was raping his wife. He took out a gun and shot the man to death out of fear and to protect his wife.

Olivia did not believe a word of this and made it clear that in order for her to do her job, the Governor needed to play by her rules. Police come in and examines the scene and collects evidence.

Back at the office, Olivia sends Harrison and Abby out to find out some information about the contractor. Abby traces back to his previous job and finds some evidence. Follicles of his hair has been found in the hot tubs and beds of women that he worked for.

Olivia informs the Governor’s publicist to deliver a simple speech saying that he is thankful for the people’s support and that he needs to deal with matters privately. She does the opposite and Olivia was livid.

Abby presents the evidence to Olivia who instantly figures out the real story behind the killing. Olivia burst into the Governor’s house and enters the living room where he and his wife are sitting. “You were having an affair with the contractor. When your husband burst into the house on you and the contractor, you panicked and yelled rape.” These words spilled from Olivia’s mouth as she spoke directly to the Governor’s wife.

The wife admits to the affair and the Governor is stunned. He can’t believe that his wife was capable of something so horrid. Olivia asks if he knew about the affair to rule out any foul play, and he denies ever knowing.

During their next encounter, Olivia informs the Governor of his options surrounding the case. His wife could go to jail or they can keep this matter private and risk the chance of police finding out. He chose the latter. Olivia meets with the wife and she had to get some things off of her chest. She told Olivia that her husband had not been the same since he lost the Presidency race. “4,359 is the number that I hear every day. It’s the number of votes the he lost by because of a small town in Ohio.” She goes on to tell Olivia that she felt helpless in her marriage.

David Rosen meets with a former employee of Doyle energy who informs David of the reason as to why he was fired from the company. The company supposedly had a breach in their security’s firewall which allowed hackers to easily hack into systems, copying confidential information. Rosen was shocked with the new information but this was just great for his plan.

Cyrus and his husband have suddenly become rivals. Cyrus’ husband, David, is at the White House covering a story about the President. Cyrus wants to know why he was there and he informed him that he was a Journalist and it was his job. Since Cyrus refuses to give him a baby, he has more time to work and feud with Cyrus.

First Lady Millie is attempting to scare Cyrus declining to attend anymore “Meetings” concerning Doyle Energy Company and informs him that she will deny knowing anything if information about the secret ever came out. Cyrus shuts the First Lady down with his comeback. “You may be an animal but I am a monster and I’m much more terrifying.” From that moment on, she agrees to the deal.

David Rosen figures out the Governor’s wife was having an affair and ends up at Pope and Associates to arrest the Governor’s wife. Olivia informs them of this and there is simply nothing she can do at the time. She tells the Governor that his wife will have to go to jail but that she will figure something out. Before she is arrested, she tells her husband how she really felt. She goes on to tell him that after the election, she felt like she lost him couldn’t figure out how to help him so she gives up. Then off she goes to the slammer.

Harrison, Quinn and Abby are helping Huck prepare for his date. Abby goes to Huck’s computer to write down his date’s phone number before it fades from his hand. She notices a note on his computer that relates to the meeting of David and the former employee of Doyle’s Energy Company. She goes to tell David that it was a set-up.

Huck takes his date on a stake out and gets a smooch in the end. Edison stops by Olivia’s office for their date but she reveals that the wants him to continue calling and asking her out but she’s not ready to date just yet.

Olivia is in the Governor’s office finalizing things when he steps out for a second. She gets a phone call and tries to find some paper to write down a message when she comes across surveillance photos of his wife and the contractor. He knew all along. Olivia confronts him and he confessed. His plan was to kill the contractor, his wife and then his self but she yelled rape. Olivia simply assks him why and he sas “because it felt like winning.” Olivia was the cause of him losing the Presidential election because somehow she got Fitz an additional 4,359 votes.

Doyle, Mellie, Olivia, Cyrus and Supreme Court justice lady are all together again and trying to figure out how to stop David Rosen. Olivia volunteered to “Take care of it.”

Olivia already knew that Abby had been seeing David Rosen and had been secretly recording her conversations with David. What is she up to?

The night ends with Cyrus crashing Olivia’s place and dumping his worries about his relationship on Olivia. Who knew that these two were the best of girlfriends? Can this show get any better? I absolutely think YES.


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