Person of Interest Recap 2×06

by on November 24, 2012

Fabricated marriages never hurt anyone, right? Well at least John Reese doesn’t think so. This episode of Person of Interest calls for a celebration of marriage and a congrats to Reese. The marriage only lasts for a couple of days.

Finch pulls another number, prompting himself and Reese to save another life. This time the case seemed a little bland. Finch pulled a number withe the name Graham Wyler. This calls for a great stake out for Reese. With his usual keen sense of seclusion, Reese is all on his own on this stake out.

He first follows Graham to his workplace where he shares a hardware store with his wife. There isnothing to do for Reese until a stocky gentleman appeared in the store. Graham goes to help the man and Reese notices that there was a secret exchange of an envelope followed by a few choice words. After the store closes, Reese then follows Graham to school where he picked up his daughter.

While sitting in the car, waiting for something to happen, Reese informs Finch that Graham is a saint. The white envelope turns out to be tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert and a surprise for his wife. But, as usual, Finch and the machine find a little dirt on Mr. Graham. Finch informs Reese that Graham Wyler died fifteen years ago and that this was a case of stolen identity. Who is this man and what has he done?

Finch comes up with an elaborate scheme to spy on Graham and that consisted of Reese moving in across the street from him. But to make everything seem real, Reese needed a family or at least a wife. Finch leaves this part up to Reese himself. He enlist the help of his old partner in crime, Zoe. Zoe was also an ex C.I.A. agent whom Reese had saved from an attack. She owed him one.

Reese and Zoe move in across the street and live happily ever after. Well of course that’s not how the story went. While sitting in the house, Reese and Zoe are brainstorming on how to introduce themselves to the Wyler’s. Apparently, they didn’t have to brainstorm for too long because the Wyler’s came knocking on their door. They introduced themselves and invited Reese and his new wife over to a barbecue. Finch told Reese that he had to loose the suit and be more casual. I’ve never seen Reese in Jeans and a regular t-shirt and might I add that he doesn’t look bad.

Everyone is at the barbecue seemingly having a good time when Graham’s daughter gives him a postcard. Reese glances over at the postcard which has a few threatening word on it. Graham asked Reese to take over on the grill while he went to handle some business.

Reese took over and switched some things around. He switched beers so that he could get Graham’s fingerprint. Later that night, he’s in his new house, doing a very interesting finger print test. He cuts open a bullet, uses one of Zoe’s makeup brushes and pours the gun powder onto the bottle. He gently sprinkles the gun powder over the fingerprint while brushing it to make the print more visible. He then takes a picture of the print and sends it over to Carter. He calls in for a usual favor and Carter is right by his side.

She runs the print and finds that Graham Wyler is actually Lloyd Pruitt. He had only one small misdemeanor charge but was connected to two guys who had served twelve years for robbery. Lloyd ran with the crew and he was a highly trained safe cracker. The two men were back and they were out for revenge. Lloyd/Graham never showed up for the job and escaped a jail sentence.

Graham/Lloyd becomes paranoid and his wife notices the changes. She approaches him with a bill that needed to be paid and he kind of went off the deep end. He then left the house to take care of business. Reese pulls up beside him and asked where he was going. He was going to the city to handle business and Reese had just so happened to be going to the city to. He gives him a lift and parks his car down the street. He gets out of his car and joins Carter who had been waiting on him. Carter asked Reese to not kill anybody because they would never get any charges on the two men.

Reese abides and only puts a tracker inside their truck. Inside the bar, Graham has met up with his old friends who need his help. They have planned to crack the safe of a wealthy New Yorker who has $22 Million of diamonds stored in his safe. Graham has to help or have his real identity sent to police. He chooses to help and Reese knows that the men have something else planned. After taking the diamonds, it’s lights out for Graham.

The night of the robbery, Graham and his crew dress as chefs to get into the building. After they get in, they’re in an elevator leading up to the condo and everyone pulls out a gun. There was no turning back for Graham. The doorbell rings and a young man answers. Soon everyone at the party is down on the floor. All the robbers had on masks but somehow they forgot one for Graham.

Reese once again enlist the help of Carter and he brings his new wife along. They are all downstairs outside of the building when Zoe introduces herself as Reese’s wife. I sensed a little bit of jealousy or it may have been confusion. With the help of Finch, Reese ropes himself through an open door and kills one of the robbers. He takes his clothes and pretends to be him. He goes to join the party. Graham has cracked open the safe and handed over the diamonds. Reese then pulls off his mask and Graham is not so surprised. He takes out all of the robbers except one. Then he punches him out after talking smack.

Police had been informed of the robbery and Carter informs Reese that she had better not get in trouble. Police arrive and Carter enlists herself as the primary investigating officer on the case. Way to save your own ass Carter. She texts Reese and tells him that the east stairwell is clear. Reese and Graham escape but Graham turns himself in because he was tired of running from the police. He made a plea bargain with the police and was put on house arrest.

Reese goes back to the neighborhood with his wife to move out. That was quick. He makes a quick visit to Graham, who has informed his family of the truth and they have forgiven him. He thanks Reese for his help.

Zoe says to Reese, “Is this the part where we get divorced.” Reese replies with a sharp comeback and they decided to stay one more night. I wonder what happened.


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