Keyshia & Daniel: Family First Recap 1X05

by on November 18, 2012

The, “Two Sides to Everything”, episode begins in the middle of an argument between Keyshia and Daniel about communication issues in their relationship.  Daniel states that they both have to get better and meet in the middle, and Keyshia counters that she is not going to be broken down.  Unable to budge, she suggests that they take some time.  A frustrated Daniel hangs up the phone muttering, “silly ass m**** ******”.   We’re not used to seeing this side of Mr. Gibson.

Keyshia’s outlet is to “work-work-work”, and she meets with Sheila Coats, owner of Be Your Own Brand, about re-branding her image.  Keyshia shared that she thinks of herself as Sensitive, Sexy, and Hood.  Sheila challenges her use of the word, Hood, in describing herself and offers her suggestions to alter the negative street images that she no longer possesses.   In this meeting, Keyshia is happy to learn of an opportunity for her, Daniel, and their son to be on the cover of Jet magazine, but has to deal with the fact that she and her husband are not getting along.

Keyshia speaks with Daniel about the Jet magazine news and their ongoing conflict.  She suggests that they seek a mediator and try counseling.  Daniel is not too keen on the idea and is uneasy with having people in their business.  Keyshia vents to her mom about her feelings in the matter and Daniel does the same with his cousin while shooting free-throws at a park.  He raises the point that he didn’t really believe in talking to a counselor; the way he grew up in the church “you think about it, you talk about it, you pray on it, and it gets better.”  In the end, he realizes that he and Keyshia may need someone to help coach them through listening to each other better.

As they arrive at the counseling session with Dr. Ron Elmore-Relationship Therapist, both have to ease into being comfortable sharing their problems.  They begin by addressing Keyshia’s issue with Daniel being sexist and he counters that he feels the same way about her.  When asked if Daniel was willing to love Keyshia and be married to her as things are, he replied with a sad and honest answer of, “I don’t know”.   Dr. Elmore addresses their problems head on and mentions that there seems to be an invisible wall between them.

As the session progresses we learn that Daniel is not comfortable and doesn’t trust industry guys that are attracted to his wife, but he feels like he has learned and grown from it.  Keyshia doesn’t believe him and has her own take on what she thinks he really means.  Dr. Elmore becomes very engaged and has even taken his jacket off at this point, ready to give the couple some much-needed feedback.  He notices that they pick some “funky perceptions” of each other and actually has a little debate with a reluctant Keyshia on choosing less negative possibilities.

An animated Dr. Elmore discovers that Keyshia and Daniel have developed a pattern where they become physically, spiritually, and emotionally separated from each other.  For once, they both agree!  Dr. Elmore questions what do they want for their marriage and what they believe they have to do to get what they want.  Keyshia is determined to hold onto her snappy ways and the “good doctor “ leaves them with a great take-away:  “Nobody needs a therapist to help them to  do what is easy and natural, people use therapist, coaches, and counselors to help them do the miraculous thing that’s not easy, it’s not natural, it’s difficult, but it’s righteous.”   This may have been a great breakthrough for the couple…now the real work will begin.  Will they do the work required to save their marriage?  Weigh in…

BET, Tuesday 10pm.

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