Grey’s Anatomy Recap 9×05

by on November 14, 2012

What are friends for? They are there to tell you the truth when you need it the most, and lie to you to boost your ego. Meredith and Cristina have this type of friendship and its just grand.

Episode five focuses on Cristina and Meredith as they both try to adapt to harrowing situations at work. They chat it up on the phone hoping to help lighten each other’s day with some girl talk.

Cristina is still playing sex buddy to Dr. Parker but has a secret distaste in him. Every encounter they have with each other, she planning how to get out of it. Dr. Parker is still trying to force old man Feeny into retirement, but Cristina believes in him and knows that it’s not his time to leave the hospital. This is an ongoing problem and she learns that Dr. Parker is not so nice after all. That hospital has as much drama as Seattle Grace.

Meredith is on her way to work while talking to Cristina on the phone. While driving, she notices a few ambulance trucks and people gathered around the truck. She tells Cristina that she has to go and pulls over to help. She arrives at the scene to find a young lady trapped underneath a car with the wheel crushing her chest. Meredith screams for someone to help her move the car before the young lady dies. No one moves because emergency personnel have instructed them not to. She demands helps and soon they come to the rescue.

Back to Cristina who has a patient who needs a heart transplant. Dr. Parker enlists old man Feeny to perform the operation. This was totally on purpose because he knew that Feeny was not capable of handling such a huge surgery.
Back at Seattle Grace, Meredith has a lot on her plate and things are coming to a halt. Derrick has left town for a business trip, leaving her to take care of baby Zora all by her lonesome. Meredith tries pulling double duty, working and mommy duty but soon learned that she needed as much help as possible.

Eariler Meredith managed to save a young woman who was trapped by the car. She becomes increasingly protective over this patient, and Dr. Webber fears that she is relating this case to the death of her sister, Lexie. Meredith thinks otherwise and speaks freely to Dr. Webber, insisting that she is fine and can handle her patient.

On top of working and taking care of her kid, Meredith is also on intern duty. And she uses the interns to her advantage. She has to bring Zola to work with her, and each intern hads a shift to babysit instead of watching on while a surgery was performed.

Meredith has help from Callie, who babysat Zola, as she was called in late to check on her patient. She goes in to the hospital and finds that her patient is hanging in there. She calls Cristina, who so happens to be doing the same thing. The girls are sleeping in a chair outside of their patients’ room to stay close and monitor their vitals.

Cristina and Feeny are in the operating room and things seem to be going great. She has convinced him that he is a better person than people imagined him to be, and he confesses that Cristina was the only person to ever love him.

Midway through the surgery, Feeny drops dead and Cristina has to focus on saving her patients life, performing a heart transplant. She manages by repeating the words that were uttered by Feeny moments ago. Moments ago he told Cristina to breathe during surgery because if you didn’t breathe you were cutting off your oxygen supply which made it difficult to concentrate afterwards. Things seemed to go back to the beginning.

Meredith successfully performs the surgery with the help of her interns, to save the young woman’s life. The young lady personally thanks Meredith for being such a great person and saving her.

Cristina has a moment where she re-evaluates her life and the unthinkable happens. As Meredith is home for the night, trying to put Zola to sleep, she hears the doorbell ring. She goes to answer it and it’s none other than Cristina. She has finally done it. She’s relinquished her fear of flying and came back to Seattle, where she belonged. Meredith was as shocked as all of us viewers. Great acting by Ellen Pompeo. They embraced each other, more like Meredith embraced Cristina, and I’m pretty sure they have a lot to catch up on. Yang is back and the interns have absolutely no idea of what’s about to hit them.


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