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Black Actor Spotlight: David Oyelowo In Lincoln

by on November 16, 2012

David Oyelowo (Red Tails, Middle of Nowhere) plays a brave Union soldier named Ira Clark in Lincoln. A small role, but Clark speaks to Lincoln directly in the film stating: “In fifty years, maybe a Negro Colonel. In 100 years, the vote.”

David Oyelowo’s career has boomed this year and last. He appeared in The Help, and Planet of The Apes in 2011. He’ll also be in upcoming films Nina (based on Nina Simone), and The Butler with Oprah and Terrance Howard.

Oyelowo gave a magazine interview where he spoke of working with his acting hero Daniel-Day Lewis who plays the title character in Lincoln. Oyelowe said during filming he asked himself “what would Daniel do.”

Read the magazine article in full here.


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  • MissCelanious

    this actor’s brief performance caught my attention and deserves much credit. i found his performance moving and his sheer presence and acting portrays a very real but brief insight and sad graphic view of the struggles black soldiers endured and had fought with their lives in such dire adversities. the entire scene of lincoln’s meeting with the black soldiers was awesome. the connection lincoln had with the two soldiers and how he truly listens to their stories and experiences is inspiring.