Basketball Wives LA: Recap 2×09 Laura’s Revenge

by on November 13, 2012

Jackie has arranged a family therapist to come and help her and her daughters work out some issues. Jackie’s daughter says that she’s always felt intimidated by her mother and that she wasn’t good enough for her mother. Jackie combats this by saying that they had everything, and her daughters say that what good is money if you’re never around?

Both children miss their grandma and Jackie doesn’t understand why resources don’t equal love. Jackie’s daughters are angry because Jackie wont acknowledge what happened during their childhood. Jackie’s daughters say that she thinks her mom is fake. This is funny because all of these critiques are universal. Everyone believes that Jackie is fake but Jackie. Jackie shuts the conversation down and says that they need to work on their relationship now. Jackie says that she refuses to change, but the people that need to change are their daughters. Her daughters say they will never get over what happened between them and their mother, and Jackie leaves mad. Jackie refuses to talk about the past, but isn’t that what therapy is for? I think Jackie has a very skewed image of what a mom is supposed to do. Doug tries to calm his daughters down by basically trying to explain how Jackie is. When has that ever helped? Jackie cannot be understood and it seems like everyone in her life has given up trying (well, except for Bambi and Malaysia).

Brooke and Gloria are meeting up for lunch and Brooke sees that Gloria’s fiancé Matt was arrested. Gloria has to cancel lunch because of the arrest, and cant come to Seattle.

We go back to Seattle with Jackie, who has hired an assistant. Why do we keep going back to Seattle with Jackie? It’s pointless. I don’t understand why Jackie isn’t giving all of this “valuable” stuff to charity. If everything is so expensive, then she needs to do something good with it.

Brooke, Draya, and Gloria meet up to talk about…life? Brooke says her current boo isn’t an intellectual match for her, and DUH; I could read their chemistry from that first scene with them. Basically, they’re both only in it for the sex. Gloria explains Matt’s arrest and says the cops are out to get him. Apparently, he’s dealt with the same cop before. Gloria says that Laura has been avoiding her text messages, but she feels comfortable enough with Brooke (who she just met) and Draya, to confide in them.

Jackie is excited for Malaysia, Bambi, and Laura to get to Seattle, and they finally show up. Doug cooked for all the ladies, and I’m just falling in love with him more. Jackie starts talking about her daughters and how disrespectful they are to her and how much it pisses her off. She sees her daughters as ungrateful, and Laura is on her daughters’ side. I can’t tell yet, so I won’t comment, but Laura is so two faced: she is sitting in Jackie’s house and talking about her behind her back. Laura requests to talk to Jackie’s daughters, and mostly she just wants to be nosy, like Bambi says. Laura says she just wants to help because she’s been hurt, but she tells us that she’s just toying with Jackie. Bambi is right on point about Laura, and it’s really sad. Laura is set on revenge, and it looks like she’s about to get it.

Brooke and Draya are going out to a lesbian bar, and Draya tells the world that she’s a lesbian (but I’m assuming she means bisexual). Draya explains that everyone is all up in her “lesbian” business and that she’s giving Brooke the first taste. Brooke likes the vibe of the bar, and Draya predicts that a woman will try to pick Brooke up tonight. I can’t tell if Brooke is open to it, but Brooke at least seems like she’s enjoying the attention.

Were back to Seattle where Jackie asks Bambi about Laura’s feelings towards her. Bambi tells Jackie that she needs to stop being passive when it comes to Laura and that she needs to say what she thinks. Jackie says she trusts Bambi and that she gives great advice. All of these ladies probably have trust issues because they trust people after knowing them for two weeks. Bambi confronts Laura and says that she feels awkward and that something is off with Laura. Laura continues her plotting and wants Bambi to stay out of it. Laura says she wants Jackie to be out of the group and Bambi doesn’t understand Laura’s ominous phrases like “it’s been a long time coming”. Bambi lets us know that she plans to tell Jackie everything about what’s going on with her and Laura.

Draya and Brooke go boxing, and Draya is flirting it up with some ugly boxing instructor. All of these ladies are so hungry for attention, and its kind of pathetic. So, obviously Draya likes girls and boys, but I really just think Draya likes sex, no matter the source.

Bambi, Jackie, and Gloria meet up and she lets Jackie know that Laura is on some bullsh*t. Bambi tells Jackie that Laura wouldn’t care if she dies and Jackie says when she sees Laura she will f*ck her up, and Bambi agrees. Malaysia steps in and says that she likes Laura. Jackie tells Malaysia that she needs to listen to Bambi, but Malaysia wants to decide for herself.

Jackie and Laura meet up Jackie confronts Laura about Laura saying they weren’t cool. Laura doesn’t answer Jackie’s question, she just asks if Bambi is Jackie’s new boo. Jackie asks Laura if they want to be friends, and Laura is still hurt by Jackie from her actions last year. Jackie wants to rebuild their friendship and Laura lets us know that she can’t trust Jackie, but to Jackie, she says that they will be friends. Laura promises to not talk about Jackie.

Laura, Gloria, and Malaysia meet up and Gloria lets us know that she just left the gym because she’s training for her “role”.  Malaysia confronts Laura about being a bully to Jackie, and she thinks that she’s taking things too far. Laura tells us that Jackie really hurt her last year and that she wants her revenge, and I believe that she’s going to get it. On the next wives, Laura is meeting with Jackie’s daughter, and it’s going to get really real.

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