Basketball Wives LA: Recap 2×08 Pool Extravaganza

by on November 13, 2012

Its Brooke’s birthday party, and Jackie has come prepared to fight…errr…see Draya. She has packed a humongous pair of tennis shoes that have me questioning her shoe size as well as her sanity. Malaysia, Bambi, and some other friend of Malaysia’s shows up at the pool party, and Malaysia doesn’t think that it will be awkward with Brooke. Brooke confronts Malaysia about her weird phone call and rightfully so. Brooke requests a conversation with Bambi and wants to straighten everything out. Bambi says that Brooke was shit talking her, and Brooke admits to calling Bambi “ghetto”. Bambi says Brooke finally admits to calling her ghetto and that she thinks Brooke wants to move forward. They squash the drama, but I think there’s still more to come. Jackie sees Draya looking sad and tells Draya that she adores her, once again. Draya tells Jackie that it’s big of her to say that but to us she lets us know that it isn’t over, and it will be handled another day.

We cut to Laura for her and Bambi to meet. Bambi is not into hugging Laura and wants to straighten everything out. Bambi came to fight as evidenced by her outfit and Laura is confused about why Bambi is acting so aggressive, so she just gets down to it. Laura explains to Bambi that she thinks Jackie is a clown and Bambi calls Laura a Bully. Bambi tells Laura that she needs to chill and Laura tells her that SHE has to chill. Bambi is taken aback and Laura tells Bambi that she has indeed told Jackie that they are not friends. Bambi thinks Jackie is leading Jackie on and I have to agree with Jackie. Laura is a little two faced when it comes to Jackie. Bambi tells Laura that she looks fake and Laura tells her to mind her own business. Bambi walks away in her tighter than tight spandex shorts. Laura runs after her and asks Bambi for a chance and Bambi continues to stand by her stance that Laura is fake. Laura tells Bambi that she doesn’t know who she is, and Laura is trying to understand because Bambi doesn’t understand all of Jackie’s craziness. Bambi agrees to give Laura a chance even though she still wants to know the full story about Jackie.

Malaysia, Draya, and Bambi are all meeting up for drinks at The Geisha House. They’re always there. Is the Geisha house paying VH1 for all of this promo? Anyways, Bambi is recapping her meeting with Laura, and it’s confirmed that Bambi was indeed dressed to fight. Malaysia and Bambi are convinced that “meet me at the park” is “I want to fight” in ‘laymen’s’ terms, and I’m pretty sure that laymen means the average person; and the average person would not interpret ‘meet me at the park’ as ‘ I want to fight’. Bambi says that if Laura says anything slick, she will punch her in the face and Draya just laughs.  They start talking about Jackie and how good of a cheerleader she is. Draya and Bambi are flirting and Malaysia dares them to kiss, which they do without hesitation. The bartender is staring, and I’m pretty sure this is the most action he’s had in a while.

Laura and Jackie meet up to go on a hike (even though they’re not friends according to Laura). Jackie talks about Malaysia being a little fake, and I have to agree. I’m really starting to question Malaysia. Is she this sweet, unassuming girl? Or is she just sneaky? Anyone who interprets ‘meet me at the park’ as ‘I want to fight’ cant be that sweet. Laura explains her meeting to Jackie but leaves the part out where Bambi calls her two faced and a bully because of her dealings with Jackie. Also, I don’t remember Laura telling Bambi she was a plus one. Pretty sure I remember her chasing her down and begging her to give her a chance.

Jackie and Doug are getting ready to go to Seattle where they’re from and Jackie is excited. Jackie talks about going to see her deceased mother, and it’s sad.

Laura and Gloria used to bartend and they’re inviting all the girls to a mixology class. Jackie shows up wearing pink hooker boots, and the rest of the ladies show up shortly after. The only person missing is Malaysia, and Brooke is waiting on her to arrive to get the awkwardness of the phone call off her chest. Malaysia is irritated that Brooke wants to talk and starts to get upset. Malaysia seems to only be buck when Bambi is around. Brooke says she thought that she was the butt of Malaysia joke (p.s- what is up with these ladies dressing in gym wear to fight? Are they forgetting that they’re grown women?). Brooke is bothered by the phone call, and I would be too. It was weird. Malaysia is getting defensive, and I think that Malaysia is protesting a little too hard to not be guilty. Malaysia says that she tried to make the Bambi situation better but its getting worse. Brooke is saying she is just trying to clear everything up. Brooke believes Malaysia was being sincere and Brooke thinks she might have misread Malaysia. I disagree. Malaysia has two faces (and both of them are pretty).

Jackie chimes in and says that faking is some bullshit, and Draya shows up with hooker boots to match Jackie’s. Draya is dressed up like Jackie, and its really strange. Jackie goes to the bathroom and strips down to lingerie to imitate Draya, which…I have nothing to say…just nothing. In Laura’s words “things went real south”. Jackie says that she loves Draya and it seems like they’ve moved on. I appreciate that Jackie is trying to move on and Draya says that she adores everyone, which is kind of funny. Jackie calls Draya a fake bitch and possibly crosses the line by calling Draya a ho, once again. Jackie has pepper spray and Brooke gets pissed. She says that if any gets in her eyes, there will be a problem. The mixology guy looks really uncomfortable and sh*t is about to pop off.

Jackie decides to call out Brooke and Brooke is not having it. They both get up and start taking off their jackets and we know shit is about to get real. Brooke says if a fight is going down, she’s going to break it up, and Jackie lets her know that it would be a problem. Brooke says she has street cred and if they’re worried about going to jail, she “aint gon have no muthaf*cking problem”. Brooke feels disrespected and Jackie is trying to calm the situation down. Bambi describes it perfectly about the whole argument being over a “what if”.  Brooke gets escorted out and Jackie starts talking big after she’s gone.

Next, we follow Jackie to Seattle, where she’s trying to deal with the passing of her mom. I appreciate Jackie for her openness, and I feel bad about her loss. Jackie says her and her daughters haven’t been on the best of terms and that its normal mother/daughter stuff. Hmm…I think maybe her daughters realized that she’s crazy, and they don’t really want to deal with her anymore. She brings in a therapist and Jackie says she wants to just get along with her daughters. Her daughters show up, and Jackie is nervous. Her daughters look apprehensive about the therapist, but I guess we’ll have to wait until next time to see how they really feel.

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