Basketball Wives LA: Recap 2×05

by on November 2, 2012

Laura and Jackie are meeting up for lunch, and we realize that Jackie truly is hungry for friends. Jackie either does just care too much, or she’s just crazy. I’m still on the fence about this one.

Malaysia asks Gloria about her and Laura’s relationship, and Gloria takes it well. Gloria is so level headed. I like her. Thanks for the advice and caring about my sister. That’s it. Can you see how that would’ve turned out with Jackie?

Draya is planning on moving her family out to LA. Who knew she had family, and why is she moving them out there? Draya seems like she genuinely has a good heart. I like that about her.

Gloria is at an unveiling of her comic book character (why does she keep wearing those damn glasses?), and she is really excited about it. I still think this whole thing is fishy, but I wont hate. You go girl.

Malaysia and Jackie meet up, and I keep wondering why Malaysia keeps calling Jackie crazy to her face? RUDE. Also, are they trying to add this girl (Bambi?) to the wives? Who is she? Other than a video ho, what does she even have to do with the NBA? This show is getting way off base.

Gloria and Laura meet up to talk about their relationship. Gloria thinks Laura abandoned her, and Laura thinks Gloria became too “Hollywood”. Gloria reveals that she had to deal with a miscarriage by herself, and this is the realest moment I’ve seen on reality television in a really long time.

Jackie is talking about her wedding again, and no matter what they say about her, I really appreciate the fact that Jackie is actually married. The other girls can say she’s as crazy as she wants to be, but she knows how to keep a marriage and that’s more than the others. Laura is making fun of Jackie to her face, and I’m getting mad for her. Jackie: please tell these hos to curve because they’re not your true friends.

Draya and her mom are meeting with a psychic, and Draya reveals that she’s anxious about moving her family out. She seems like a genuine person who’s been through a lot.

Gloria is having a going away party before she jets off to train for her movie/web series/hoax. Jackie keeps calling Draya “honey” and offers her a sucker. Draya is not having it today and Draya proclaims herself the head bitch and a fight is obviously about to break out. I like that Draya stands up for herself, but the fact that these ladies are constantly trying to fight is disturbing. I feel like watching this makes me a bad person.  The episode ends with what looks like Malaysia getting punched in the face, but we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

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