Basketball Wives LA: Recap 2 X 04

by on November 3, 2012

The pool party starts and I am already dying. LOLOLOL Jackie really is crazy though. The pictures were sweet but yeah…crazy. I agree with Draya…Jackie is kind of sad L.

Jackie gives out cards to all the women that say things like “thanks for doing you. Loves ya”. Jackie is disappointed about the underwhelming reaction her cards caused, but really, what did she expect? I really don’t understand her, and I’m beginning to think the women are right.

Malaysia is doing a voice-over, she’s nervous, and it’s endearing. Brooke and Draya meet up, and Draya says she felt disrespected by Brooke bringing up the photo shoot because she’s a private person (who just happens to have her life taped). Alrighty then,

Laura and Jackie meet up and Laura is bored with Jackie continuing to talk about the fallout with the other women. I have to agree with her. Although, I don’t agree that it’s entirely Jackie who keeps bringing it up.

Malaysia has a jewelry line, which I find to be a little bit tacky. Jackie and Brooke are out to lunch and Brookes fake boobs look especially huge. I guess she decided that since she chose to wear a long dress that she would HAVE TO HAVE  those thangs out. Jackie and Brooke are bonding over their realness.

While uneventful, this episode solidified some things for me: Jackie is crazy, Draya and Brooke are real, Malaysia is shy and has bad taste in jewelry, and Bambi still has no purpose.

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