Scandal Recap 2×03

by on October 19, 2012

Olivia is sitting in her office, doing work and watching her ex-boyfriend, a politician, on a TV show talk about how the President handles business. She gives him a call shortly afterwards to inform him that his speech was not the best. Olivia leaves work, walks to her car and when she gets in; she notices that someone is in her car. She asks the suspect what he wanted in exchange for her life. The suspect is actually just a government employee, Artie Hornbecker, who is trying to inform Olivia of a top secret spyware program that the government is using.

Olivia demands for Artie to get out of her car. She pulls off but when Artie screams that “they” know about the late night phone calls from the west wing, she immediately stops her car.

Artie Hornbecker is now at the office of Olivia Pope and Associates and he’s informing them all that the government is watching their every move through the help of cell phones and their computers.  Artie enlightens Olivia and the team of the spyware program, Thorngate. Olivia asked if there was anyone else who knew about the spyware and there was, Monica Del Campo. She was another government employee who knew about the top secret spyware.

Harrison and Abby go on the hunt for Monica Del Campo and finds her dead in her apartment.

Artie tells Olivia that there were people out to kill him if they found out that he knew about the spyware. Olivia is instantly panicked because she starts to think about the late night phone calls with the President and the possibility of them getting out. Huck’s job is to now crack the encryption on the spyware so that they could expose the truth and see who the government was actually spying on. Huck was able to get live footage from the Whitehouse, specifically of Cyrus having a conversation about the President.

Meanwhile, U.S. Attorney David Rosen calls his assistant to help him out on a case. His assistant had no idea about the severity of his determination to figure out how Olivia got Quinn acquitted of murder. There were photos and documents plastered all over his wall of Olivia and Quinn. He knows that Quinn is guilty and he’s now trying to figure out who Olivia called to make things happen.

Olivia meets with her ex-boyfriend in a park to try to get information out of him about “Thorngate”. He tells her that he’s sworn to privacy and can reveal nothing. Cyrus shows a picture of them together to the President and he is instantly pissed off.

The President seemed to be getting along with the First Lady as they began to show signs of interest in each other. But as soon as he sees the picture of Olivia and her ex, he goes off the deep end. He informs his security to escort Olivia from her house to his location. The President was spending his day hunting as Olivia Pope had been summoned to see the President.

Olivia is in the back seat of an SUV when the President opens the door and demands that she get out of the car. She refused and with so much aggression and passion, Mr. President used some scare tactics within his voice and Olivia was stunned.

She got out of the car only to have the President take off her heels and put boots on her. They were going hunting. The President seemed to be furious about Olivia interfering in top secret government work. Olivia felt that spying on American citizens was illegal but Mr. President said that he was protecting his country. This was all an act on behalf of the President because he thought Olivia was back with her ex. A bad case of jealousy.

This argument turned into a moment of stolen passion in the park. They were on each other like horny teenagers at prom. Clothes were about to come off. Even the security turned away and let these two go at it. Olivia broke free from the President and gave him an earful. “I’m not yours. I’m not yours anymore and this is over”. Now this is a bad case of the ex. LOL

Mr. President returns home to have dinner with the First Lady and she notices a change in his attitude. She goes to question his security but realized that they were covering for him. “Just blink if it’s bothering him”. She say’s several name and topics and then Olivia Pope spilled from her mouth and without even knowing it, there were several blinks from one of the guards.

First Lady cornered the President and threatened him to get his act together so that she could win them a second term in the white house. And then she mentions Olivia. “Get over her. Get over her”. She said those words with so much anger. Oh but the best line of the show was by the First Lady herself. She looks into her husband’s eyes while still talking about Olivia. “You see her again, I’ll blow you away. And I’m an excellent shot, remember”.

Back at Olivia office, Quinn returns to work and the team learns that the President has put a stop to the spread of “Thorngate” and consequences would result in an arrest for treason. Olivia is not too happy about this. She calls in another government official to ink a deal about “Thorngate”. He thinks it’s a bluff but when Huck hacks into his home security system and shows footage of his wife, he agrees to the deal. When Huck finally cracked the encryption on the spyware, Olivia figured out that Artie was actually a terrorist waiting for Huck to crack the encryption and he was the one who killed Monica and set up the entire thing. Olivia’s team is summoned by government officials to hand over Artie but that quickly turns when Olivia informs them on what she has on them. They gave her time to find Artie.

Huck finds Artie at a warehouse and did what he does best, eliminated him.

The President becomes curious as to how Cyrus knew that Olivia was not taking his calls. Turns out that Cyrus had been using “Thorngate” to spy on Olivia. Watch out for Cyrus because he knows way more than what he shares with the President.

Olivia’s ex joins her in her office and lets her know that he’s her new client. He was fired by the President for not taking his job seriously.

The team decides to call it a day by going out and having a drink. Abby continues to torment Quinn about being guilty and then Quinn lets loose. Quinn gives Abby a mouthful of her thoughts and proclaims that she is not a murderer and that she goes by Quinn and not Lindsay. David Rosen joins Abby soon after and asks her to buy him a drink. She bought him a drink and he paid her back with sex.

If you missed this episode, then you really missed out. Log on to abc.com and watch the episode or you can catch it on On Demand.

This show is ridiculously amazing and I must admit that I’m locked in. It’s scandalously delicious.


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