Keyshia & Daniel: Family First Recap 1×02

by on October 20, 2012

In the opening scene of the “Love” episode, we return to the wedding ceremony where the couple anxiously prepared to take their final vows.  As Keyshia is escorted down the aisle, veiled in a gorgeous white strapless gown, she nervously reminds her daddy not to step on it.  Awaiting his bride’s arrival, Daniel is unable to hold back his emotions, and weeps uncontrollably standing at the altar.  The altar, picture perfect with a waterfall backdrop, is breathtaking.

Keyshia and Daniel listen and steal glances as the pastor officiates, imparting words of guidance and commitment.  They join right hands and speak “I Do”, followed by “How I Do”, where they shared personal vows from the heart to other.  Tears flow through the gathering as the couple exchange rings and repeated declarations to before witnesses of family and close friends.  The pastor was only midway through the final pronouncement when Keyshia faced Daniel, with her lips perched for a kiss, before he could get out “you may now salute the bride”.   Daniel could only laugh and multiple kisses followed to a burst of claps and cheers…it was extremely cute.

As Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Gibson, the newlyweds ride off in horse and carriage with their son to begin their celebration.  At the reception, all is relaxed and free now that the formalities are out of the way.  Keyshia, now donning a strapless royal blue gown, glowed as she shared the first dance with her husband.  Both are touched by the experience that they were able to share with their whole families, and begin to dance and party the night away.  Yet, nobody had more fun than momma Frankie (dancing in various frames all over the place), who expressed in a shout-out that, “It’s very important to cut loose sometimes”.  Gotta love Frankie!

Continuing with the tradition of the festivities, the Best Man and Maid of Honor gave what Daniel stated were, “…two of the worst toasts in wedding history”.   Although, they did add much amusement as everyone shared in a ‘Salude’ to the two and their future together.   They may just be our favorite new couple…

The morning after, Daniel and his cousin Chris take a walk on the beach and take it all in.  His cousin shared how surprised he was that the whole family was invited to come to Hawaii and be a part of their big day.  After going on about how beautiful it was, he then addressed the elephant on the beach…Daniel and the ugly cry!  Embarrassed, Daniel admitted that he was crying like a little kid and tried to hide it without success.  The conversation ends on a more somber note as they discuss how he and Keyshia would not be able to go on a honeymoon due to their demanding careers and schedule.  Both understand that they have a good opportunity and are hustling for their families.

Back from the Hawaii, Daniel joins Keyshia in the studio as she works on tracks for her next album.  With Daniel leaving for his game in Cleveland the following day, they only have a limited amount of time together.  He sits and watches, supporting his wife, as she struggles doing multiple takes on parts of her song.  Being that it is the last year of the five year deal with his team, Daniel feels that he needs to do his best on the court or he will be playing ball in Puerto Rico.

Low and behold, he is injured as he came down on another player’s foot in a game against the Indiana Pacers.  Unable to play, he discovers that he needs to have an MRI to determine if he will need surgery.  With this devastating news, Keyshia can only comfort him by phone.  What could his injury mean for his future?  Do you think the distance can potentially hurt their relationship in some way?  Weigh in….

BET, Tuesday 10pm.

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