Grey’s Anatomy Recap 9×03

by on October 23, 2012

The crew from the plane crash has to make a decision that may change their lives forever. Lawyers are present to offer what seems to be a multi-million dollar settlement to those affected by the plane crash. When the crew sees how much is being offered they all want in except for Derek. Something is not settling with Derek and he needs time to think on it.

Bailey seems to be having other problems of her own. Everywhere she goes there is a doctor or an intern invading her space. I thought she was going to fly over the bird’s nest. While Bailey is just trying to get some rest, Kepner returns to work and everyone seemed to be confused. They all thought she had been fired, which she had been. But Owen went to pay her a visit and tell her how much she was needed, and that she if she didn’t return she would be a waste of talent. He has such a great way with words.

Kepner is trying to get back into the sway of things when she runs into Jackson. That’s when things get awkward. So back in season 8, Kepner was saving herself for marriage, but she finally gave in to Jackson. And when she did, she gave in all the way. They are one hot couple. And he’s extremely hot.

Kepner and Jackson get some alone time to talk and he apologizes for not calling her or checking on her. She responds by telling him that it is ok because she got a second chance to start over. She is “re-virginizing” herself. So not a word – but that is the term Kepner used. Jackson clearly takes that as an insult and turns it into a “she wanted to forget everything that happened between them” situation. That’s not what I interpreted but guys will be guys.

On the other hand, Callie is trying her best to be a supportive wife to Arizona but she is in way over her head. Arizona can’t get over the fact that she is now an amputee. That and the fact that Callie didn’t keep her promise. She promised Arizona that she would not let them cut off her leg.

Callie realizes during a surgery, where a young girl could possibly lose her foot, that Arizona needs to be pushed to her limit instead of trying to reason with her. The mother of the girl is scared because once her daughter realizes that they saved her foot she wants to get back into outdoors activities without letting it properly heal. Callie realizes that Arizona needed some tough loving like the young girl. Callie tries this tactic and ends up having a breakdown instead. Arizona then realizes what she has been putting Callie through and I think she decides to make a change within herself.

Owen and Cristina seem to have come to an understanding. There is communication between the two, but it is small talk. Cristina has called Owen on her breaks, but their conversations seems forced at times because there was no real interest. When Owen asked Cristina about her choice for the settlement, she responds by saying that she is ok with whatever decision they made. “We can’t keep doing this,” Cristina says this to Owen, referring to trying to make things work for their relationship when clearly they still have unresolved issues.

Cristina is still trying to settle in at her new job, but she can’t quite get into the flow of being a “Happy Doctor”. She has just returned from a break that was demanded by her new boss. Things really begin to get better for Cristina once she has a conversation with her new co-worker. He explains to her that he too was in a plane crash during a war and was the only one to survive on his plane. This let Cristina know that she was not the only one dealing with this situation.

Kepner and Jackson are still trying to avoid each other, but that doesn’t last for long. They get assigned to the same case. Jackson is furious because he thinks Kepner wants to forget everything between them. This argument carries over into surgery. They keep going back and forth, talking in code, and Meredith figures out what happened. Of course she has to share this news with Cristina.

Derek remembers an old case on a family whose kids died during a surgery and how they all felt devastated about it. The family was offered a settlement and Derek remembers how they all vowed to never let something like that happen again. Taking the money would mean that the reason for the crash would not be investigated, and that’s something he could not live with. During the last meeting of the settlement, Derek speaks up and says that he can’t take the money and tells his reason for declining. The team soon join him in his decision.

Bailey seems to be on a rant about not having her space, but she is actually sad because Tuck, her son, let go of her hand on his first day of Kindergarten. Her son let go of her hand and her ex-husband is getting remarried.  She feels like everyone is letting go of her and she has no one to hold on to, but Dr. Webber assures her that she is going to be alright. People have to move on and that’s part of growing and maturing.

Kepner was able to re-virginize for all of a day and then it happens. You can’t stay away from Jackson because he’s just too hot. She said she couldn’t be around him because she would be tempted and then they lose it. There is a steamy make out session between these two, and I’m pretty sure you know how that ended.

If you missed this episode, log on to www.abc.go.com and catch up. Great episode and next week’s episode is going to be even better.


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