Best and Worst of Black Cartoons – Which Make The Cut

by on October 16, 2012

Best and Worst of Black Cartoons – Which Make The Cut

[heading style=”1″]These Cartoons Make The Cut[/heading]

The Jacksons 5ive – This series was a depiction of the lives and careers of the then popular Jackson Five musical group. The show used from the Jackson’s group though  character voices were done by actors.  23 episodes aired between 1971 –1973. 

Static Shock – This animated series was based on a comic about a high school student ,Virgin Ovid Hawkins, doubling as the superhero Static (based on his electromagnetic powers).Static gained his powers from a mutation and fought against those using their mutations for evil (X-men anyone?) The show lasted 52 episodes and aired from 2000-2004.


The Proud Family – This sitcom style animated series follows 14-year old Penny Proud as she adapts to high school and her wacky but lovable family. It lasted 54 episodes and aired from 2001-2005.

Afro Samurai – This 5 episode miniseries follows Afro Samurai in his mission to avenge his father’s death. A film sequel was made called Afro Samurai: Resurrection which won an Emmy and received 2 nominations.

The PJs – A stop-motion animation series about life in the Detroit projects.  Eddie Murphy was one of the show’s creators. The show lasted 43 episodes and earned 3 Emmy Awards.The PJs had a bad rap for reinforcing negative racial stereotypes.

Little Bill – The Nickelodeon cartoon tells the tales of a curious 5-year-old boy’s introduction to the world alongside his family and friends. 50 episodes were produced between 1999-2004.

The Boondocks – An animated series based on the comic strip The Diamondback follows the antics of two brothers in the Freeman family who are transitioning from life in the Chicago South Side to life in an upscale suburban neighborhood.

Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids – This animated series ran on and off from 1972 – 1985 for a grand total of 5 years and 4 seasons, 114 episodes. It followed a group of kids (focusing on Fat Albert) growing up in inner city Philadelphia, and was based on Bill Cosby’s life. A live action version of the movie came out in 2004 which stared Kenan Thompson.


[heading style=”1″]Which Cartoons Do Not Make The Cut [/heading]

The Cleveland Show  -This Family Guy spin off about Cleveland Brown, Donna Tubbs, and their odd family is called unwatchable.  Though it is currently in its 4th season, many think it should go off the air.

The Harlem Globetrotters Animated Series  – This Hanna-Barbera series visually resembled Scooby Doo. It followed animated versions of the Harlem Globetrotters team getting into antics that were usually resolved by a basketball game. The show had a 22 episode run from 1970 -1971.

 Hammerman – A cartoon about rapper Stanley Burrell (stage name MC Hammer) transforms into superhero Hammerman when he wears his magical dancing shoes. The show lasted only 13 episodes on ABC.

Mr. T – The cartoon stars Mr. T as a travelling gymnastics coach solving mysteries with his team. At the end of each episode, Mr. T gives a voiceover of the moral lesson of the storyline.

Kid n’ Play – A show based on animated versions of a real life 80s/90s rap group of the same name. One season was produced which aired on NBC between 1990 and 1991.

I am aware every black cartoon created is not listed here. But which part of this list do you disagree and agree with?

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