Kerry Washington Discusses Life On the Set of Django Unchained

by on August 6, 2012

In an interview over at Yahoo, Kerry Washington discusses life on the set of Django Unchained. Though you’ve seen pictures and trailers, Washington says filming is still only half way complet.  She answered questions about working under Quentin Tarantino, playing wife to Jaimie Foxx for the second time, and spoke of the emotional intensity of shooting DJango Unchained. In the quote below, she describes the one of the psychological shocks that came from of filming on an actual slave plantation.

I mean there was one scene, it’s even absurd to just talk about the things we are doing, but we were doing a scene where my character was being whipped, and there’s this tree next to the slave shack, and so all of the other trees had Spanish moss, and I said, ‘How come that tree doesn’t have moss?’ And they said, it’s probably because it was a hanging tree.  The trees that were hanging trees where were the moss weren’t able to grow, because of the shifting and the blood.’

The full interview is exceptional. Washington also talks a little about her character on Scandal, and gives details on her lifestyle. If you want to know more about her personal life, or the highly anticipated film, Blallywood recommends checking it out.

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