Idris Elba Reveals His Character In Predicted Blockbuster, Prometheus

by on May 8, 2012















Idris Elba has revealed details about his role in the upcoming sci-fi flick, Prometheus. The film is a prequel to the beloved Alien flicks.  Two viral trailers were released for the film, neither of which showed Idris’ character.

Fortunately a fantastic interview has been posted. Elba talks about his experience working with director Ridley Scott, and reveals to fans many of the traits of his character, Janek.

Read the full interview at IGN Movies in which Elba says of his character:

“He is an engineer. He works on these huge vessels that do long-haul space trips. He’s the captain of Prometheus and there isn’t much to him. He’s like a longshoreman. There’s no real mystery with him, I don’t think, and why would there be? His job is pretty straightforward. He has a character and personality that will reveal itself in the film. But his purpose on that ship is to fly it and to get it from point A to point B. He’s not really involved in the politics that ensues in the film. “

The film looks like it will be a sci-fi/horror/thriller mashup. Does knowing Idris will be on screen captaining a space vessel make you want to check it out?


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